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Tonight I’m off to see one of my writing heroes….the man who created this:

and this:

which are two of my all time favourite TV shows, as well as many other things of geeky goodness.

Part of the reason you connect with any writer is the voice, and I do adore Joss Whedon’s writing voice but I also love his worlds and characters. He writes strong women and strong men. He writes humor and pain, darkness and light. His characters are real even when they’re facing the unreal. I’d probably prefer it if he gave some of his couples a real HEA once in a while (but that’s partly a problem of writing for TV where such a thing is hard to pull off) but he does do romance and yearning pretty damn well, so we’ll let that one slide.

And tonight, I get to go and listen to him talk about how he does it! So woot! And possibly squeee!

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