No words

RIP to my darling grey cat, Jessie, who left us today.

You stole a piece of my heart when you climbed up the side of the cage at the Cat Protection Society to get to me sixteen years ago and you’ve still got it. The world feels a little emptier today.

May you have sunshine to doze in and mice to chase and every good thing where you are now, little girl.


  1. >Big hugs to you and Orange Cat.

  2. >I lost my Jessie cat a couple of years ago, when she was around 17 years old. There really are no words.Hugs to you and orange cat and take care.Thinking of you.Sue

  3. >Sorry she went so soon Mel.Thinking of you.Mike & Anna

  4. >Mel, I'm so sorry you've lost Jessie but what a great portrait to enlarge and frame in memory of her.Lots of hugs.

  5. >She was a dear and cherished beautiful slinky cat. I'm so sad. Tell T to give you a big fat hug from me until i can get there!

  6. >Goodbye Jessie, thanks for taking care of Mel

  7. >Thanks everyone. The orange cat and I miss her a lot.

  8. >Oh so sorry for your loss Mel. Hugs.

  9. >Mel, So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Jesse. Eileen

  10. >I can just imagine how you feel. Had my very first baby cat at age 10 and I fell in love. Named her Katy but later on learned that she is a HE. Good times! But I'd like to think s/he (Katy) left the world with enough love to last him/her in kitty heaven.

  11. >I'm sure you put as much sunshine into Jessie's life as she did yours.

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