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I’ve always been glad that I’m a reader and a lover of story but I think it’s during the tough times, I’m even more grateful. When I’m stressed, when I’m sick, when I’m sad, I know that I can take myself away from it all with a good story.

I’ve been doing a bit of comfort reading lately, old favourites like Diana Wynne Jones and Lois McMaster Bujold and Jennifer Crusie and Guy Gavriel Kay. Loretta Chase and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. L.M Montgomery. Jane Austen. Stories to make me happy (and yes, there’s been a fair bit of rom com watching and Big Bang Theory and Vicar of Dibley but TV and movies are just another form of story really) and give me a break. When I’m wide awake at 4am, I can read myself back to sleep (or audiobook myself back to sleep).

So I’m thankful for stories and my favourite authors who make tough times easier. Who are some of your favourite comfort reads?

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