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I think the year has officially reached the completely-crazy-lead-up-to-christmas part where the to-do list and social things and the year’s goals and a thousand other things start to form a hectic sort of tangle to conquer before it’s time for time off.

funny pictures-Energee?  Ai  haz  it  ...  sumwere.  Mite  be  hidin  behin  teh  cowch  or  maybe  ai  left  it  under  teh  bed.  If  u  findz  it,  jus  leeve  it  der  in  kase  ai  needz  it.
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At this time of year, my virgo brains starts making list and calculations and numbers. Right now it goes something like:

1 revision due in 2-4 weeks
9 sleeps until U2 concert
1 election to vote in
2 parental birthdays in the next 10 days
1 orange cat to convince that 5am isn’t breakfast time and sleeping all night is good
20 sleeps until the Bon Jovi concert
7 months til my next book is due
34 sleeps until Christmas
At least 3 big day job projects to finish
1 spinning class left
6 or so Christmas functions
1 complete nanowrimo fail
36 sleeps until Kitten day

And the list goes on. I’m looking forward to a well earned post Christmas collapse! Until then, caffeine is my friend!

Anyone else eyeing the silly season to-do mountain with a mix of anticipation and trepidation?

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