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Well my annual reading review post is a day late. I finished up 2010 with a bit of a stomach bug (I think brought on by my fridge which has decided its job isn’t to keep things particularly cold anymore), so no posting yesterday.

I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading for the last few months while I finished my book, so my total new books read is down this year (again, I’ve probably missed some on the list…this year I’m thinking about just keeping my list on GoodReads as I update there and here and it gets confusing as to which I’ve done). I’ve also rarely been reading on the train to the day job. Mostly I listen to audio books (most of which are re-reads) or podcasts as it’s easier. Now that I have my e-Reader that might change a bit next year but given that the average audiobook is 9 hours or longer and I can read around 3 mass market paperbacks in that time, the audiobooks have definitely reduced the total books read.

I’ve also probably spent more time writing and doing craft this year, so reading time has had to give (even though I still read every day…just less). Hopefully I’ve found the good balance between my writing and reading for fun because I’m definitely not one of those authors who can’t read while writing. Pretty much the opposite in fact.

Anyway on to my favourite books read this year (in no particular order).

Garden Spells – Sarah Addison Allen Magical realism done beautifully

Maybe This Time – Jennifer Cruisie Her first solo novel for a few years was spooky, romantic and a damn good time.

The Queen of Attolia/The King of Attolia/A Conspiracy of Kings – Megan Whalen Turner I adore this series and can’t wait for number five!

Pegasus – Robin McKinley New McKinley is also good and even though Pegasus is slightly torturous because it’s the first book of two and I WANT TO KNOW THE REST, it was fabulous.

Under Heaven – Guy Gavriel Kay – First new Kay for a while and it was lovely. This was actually a great year for my favourite authors having new books.

I Shall Wear Midnight – Terry Pratchett The witches have always been my favourite Discworld characters so continuing to follow Tiffany Aching as she grows into being a witch is awesome. As with all Pratchett, thoughtful, funny fantasy.

Singing the Dogstar Blues – Alison Goodman SF Young Adult which has been out for a while but I am late jumping on the bandwagon. Eon which is more epic fantasy by the same author was also pretty good. And she’s an Aussie : )

How To Bake a Perfect Life and The Secret of Everything – Barbara O’Neal I loved both these. Gorgeous women’s fiction with a hint of magical realism and glorious food. Don’t read while hungry : )

Dark Road to Darjeeling – Deanna Raybourn The latest installment in the Julia Grey novels was fab.

Power and Majesty – Tansy Raynor Roberts Another aussie’s debut fantasy novel with a different and ruthless world.

The Forbidden Rose – Joanna Bourne Another great historical romance by Joanna.

Special Delivery – Heidi Cullinan Wonderful smokin’ hot m/m romance

Untameable Rogue – Kelly Hunter Kelly continues to be my fave category romance author. Wonderful sexy, witty, sparkling romance.

So there you go. I read lots of great books this year, so these are just the favourites. I hope your reading year was great and that 2011 is full of more brilliant stories for us all.

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