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These are cool…colour photos from the Shackleton Antarctic expedition in 1915…I love how the colours are so delicate yet the images still give the impression of bleak and cold. (Hat tip to Two Nerdy History Girls for the link.)

A few years back when I went to Hobart, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery had an installation which featured some of the same photographer’s stereoscopic photo from the same trip.  Between the 3D images and the soundtrack of Antarctic winds and creaks and groans from a wooden ship etc, it was quite eerie.

I find images really evocative for my writing…it’s why I keep a Tumblr of things that catch my eye. Things that remind me of my worlds or characters (plus the obligatory amusing animals, hero inspiration shots, cool craft things and general geek related entertainment) or just have a certain feel to them.  I like flipping back through them from time to time to remind me of a mood or colour or sense of place. Or to use something to build into one of my story collages.  I’ve even been looking at them recently for ideas for how I want my new website to look and feel.

Photographs can contain whole worlds and I admire people who can shoot really beautiful and intriguing images.  Getting a good camera and learning a more about photography is definitely on my life list. Then maybe I can inspire my own muse.

Anyone else use visual inspiration for stories?

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