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Because it had to be done….

The Epic Fantasy Alphabet

A is for Arrows and Aragorn (mmm Aragorn)

B is for Barrows or Blight or Borderlands. And the odd Bard.

C is for Crypts, Curses, Castles and Cutpurses

D is for Dogs (faithful or mangy), Dwarves or Dragons (oh, and Dungeons)

E is Elves and Evil Counsellors

F is for Friend or Foe (or Fellowship)

G is for Good, Gold and Gods

H is for Hearths or Horses or Healers

I is for Inheritance, Imps, Idols and Infamy

J is for Jesters, Jarls, Journeys and Jousts

K is for Knaves, Kings and Knights

L is for Lost (times, objects, true rulers), Love (true) and Lands (far off)

M is for Magic, Mages, Minions and Mystical (beings/tomes/portents)

N is for Nobles and Night and Nefarious plots

O is for Ogres, Objects of Power and Overlords (Evil)

P is for Palaces or Paladins or Princesses. Okay, Princes too.

Q is for Quests (Noble) and Queens

R is for Raiders, Rebellions, Rats and Rescuers (even the odd ROUS)

S is for Sorcery, Swords and Steadfast Sidekicks and Spells

T is for Thieves, Tales, Torture or Treasure

U is for Underworld, Untravelled ways and Usurpers

V is for Villainry, Visions and Vicious politics

W is for Warriors or Wars or Witches or Wizards

X is for Xtremely long stories (also known as yay for big books and hey, otherwise it’s not epic : ))

Y is for Yesterday (tales of), Yeoman and Yellow-bellied traitors

Z is for Zoological improbabilities (aka magical beasties) and Zealots


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