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I’ve been a fan of this guy:

Largely due to him being recalled to my attention by this movie (though I did like him before that):

Which I bought in a double set with 13 going on 30 (or whatever that Jennifer Garner film is where she is her 13 year old self in her 30 year old body) a few years ago. At the time, I’d never heard of Catch and Release and only watched it for something to do one night. Let me tell you, I have since watched that movie many, many times (and the other one maybe once more) because it is both good and Timothy O is quite…attention grabbing in it.

So when I heard of him being in a new series playing a Marshall my ears perked up. And then when a friend sent me a random pic of him saying “I’ve been watching Justified and where has this guy been”, I had to cave and buy Justified (after laughing a lot). And it’s official. The show is brilliant and my Timothy O obsession even more firmly cemented. My next book needs a hero and I have a feeling he might be the necessary inspiration. After all, what’s not to inspire?

I’m generally a pretty character driven writer and this particular hero has been standing on a wall, looking down at a burning city, muttering at me to hurry up and get to him for a while now. And now, I know what he looks like…and I’m looking forward to it even more. Though, sorry, angry wall guy, I’m still playing with those other two. Just a little while longer, I promise. And I’ll keep watching your inspiration just so you don’t feel neglected!

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