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About fourteen hours to go until it’s 9am on release day in New York. It’s sort of a weird feeling waiting for the big thing that, really, I have no control over anymore.

I can understand why writers talk about a book baby. Lots of effort for a long time and then a big flurry of effort at the end and no way of stopping things after that lol And you want everyone to think the result is wonderful! Even though you know some people will think it’s a weird looking brat. And that’s pushing a metaphor far enough for one morning.

Anyway, I’ll draw the blog giveaway and the newsletter giveaway tonight before I go to bed….so if you haven’t entered, you have less than fourteen hours to do so!

I’m also at My Bookish Ways today – where I will answer questions etc and there’s another giveaway chance.

And Ace/Roc are doing their Fall Giveaway over at Dear Author and Shadow Kin is one of the books up for grabs.

Okay, off to work to distract myself from author neuroses!

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