Books I’m looking forward to – Winter edition

The weather has turned determinedly grey and cold and wet down here in the Southern Hemisphere (or at least in my little corner of it). Good weather for napping, knitting and, of course, reading.  Reading requires reading material…so here are some of the books I’m looking forward to over the next few months.

Gunmetal Magic – Ilona Andrews (and the associated Magic Dreams novella (June))

Blackout – Mira Grant (out now, in the TBR pile) Last book in the fab Newsflesh trilogy

The Bandit King – Lilith Saintcrow (out now, just hit my kindle last night…am resisting until I get my pages done today!)

The Long Earth – Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett (June) – A different kind of Pratchett but he’s yet to write a book I didn’t like!

Scandal Wears Satin – Loretta Chase (June)

God Save The Queen – Kate Locke (July)

The Ugly Duchess – Eloisa James (August)

The Iron Wyrm Affair – Lilith Saintcrow (August)

Dragon Ship – Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Dodger – Terry Pratchett (September)

Close Enough To Touch – Victoria Dahl (September)

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance – Lois McMaster Bujold (a long wait until November!)

What’s everyone else looking forward to?


  1. I have THE UGLY DUCHESS on my list. I have just added a few more thank you.

  2. Many of your fantasy books on the list are on my list as well. I do have a few others though:
    Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch
    Elfhome by Wen Spencer
    Shadow of Night by Deborah E. Harkness

    I keep meaning to start reading Bujold’s Miles series. I like her fantasy stuff and I was just blown away by her intelligence and charm when I saw her at DragonCon.

    • I need to read the first Harkness, UnYong. Haven’t tried Aaronovitch. You should try the Miles books. Bujold is one of my very favourite writers. Love the Miles books. Have them in paper, ebook and a lot in audio too!

      • I’ve been hoping and waiting for the library to get the first few book in the series. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. I just need to buy them.

  3. The eArc of Vorpatril’s Alliance is available now on the Baen site! If you can’t wait like I couldn’t :). By the way, I just read Blood Kin- loved it- kept me up way past when I intended to go to sleep.

  4. I enjoyed both books so far, looking forward to the next.

    Also for the “I can’t get into a series because the first book isn’t in the library” set there’s always Baen’s free library For Bujold there’s Warrior’s Apprentice for free (not chronologically the first book, but definitely the one that’ll get you hooked). So “it hasn’t hit the library” is not an excuse to try it out.

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