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Another shortish post (sorry, but deadline). I am a big fan of audiobooks for commuting but in the last year or so have also become a more regular podcast listener. Interesting people talking about interesting things with far less ads than radio. Which you can download to your phone/computer/iPod like gadget and listen to whenever it takes your fancy. Win.


Here, in no particular order are some of my current favourite podcasts:

1. No Such Thing As A Fish: The researchers from the very funny QI talk about the favorite facts they’ve stumbled across that week and are amusing in the process.

2. Chat 10 Looks 3: Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb talk about books, life and cooking. Their tastes in book is a bit more literary inclined than my own but always entertaining.

3. The Pen Addict: A podcast mostly about fountain pens but also about ink, notebooks, journals etc etc. Aka the podcast that is very dangerous for your bank balance if you are a stationery nerd.

4. Welcome to Night Vale: An ongoing serial that’s part horror/part sci-fi/part sheer weirdness and all good. Hard to explain, good to listen to.

5: Alan Davies As Yet Untitled: As far as I can tell this is an audio snippet of Alan’s TV show of the same name that is on UK pay TV plus some of the stories that don’t make it onto the show. Basically four English comedians plus Alan each week telling stories about weird things that happen to them.

Anyone got some good podcasts to recommend?

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