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Sometimes you just fall out of love with a TV show. Sometimes maybe enough time passes that you decide perhaps to give it another go. Sometimes the guys are just too pretty not to give it a second chance. Being that I am pretty much a urban fantasy fan, it’s not that surprising that when Supernatural first graced our screens, I was a fan. Two very easy on the eyes guys and their various sidekicks killing monsters and sarcastically kicking butt is kind of my ballpark, even though sometimes things get a little too horror for my taste and I have to watch through my fingers.

Supernatural, for those who don’t know, is about Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who were raised as ‘hunters’ aka the traveling more blokey version of slayers (they kill all the monsters) by a Dad who was also a hunter and therefore not the best dad. These guys.


See, pretty. Sam is the guy with the longer hair (the younger, brainier, not so sure he wants to be a hunter brother and Dean is the short haired one with the gorgeous green eyes (older, kind of raised Sam to a degree, determined to carry on the family biz). The guy in the coat is Castiel. He’s an angel. (More on that later).

The show started off fairly ‘kill the monster’ of the week but gradually got more into the arcs which largely centred around the battle between heaven and hell (the show has demons and angels amongst the other creatures) and the role the Winchesters have to play. Good fun stuff. A bit of an unfortunate tendency for killing off any regular female characters way too quickly but otherwise okay. I watched for five seasons but season five was kind of grim, grim, grim and then season 6 started off grim and I’m sure Australian TV did their usual weird programming trick and I wandered off. Every so often I ummed and aaahed about buying the dvds to catch up but wasn’t sure I wanted to shell out the cash if I wasn’t going to like it. So when the first nine season popped up on Netflix a while back, I was pretty happy and decided to catch up, starting from the end of Season 5 again. I haven’t yet made it through Season 9 but I have regained the Supernatural groove. I like the show best when it balances dark or scary with some of it’s lighter episodes and threads. Like the fact that the Winchesters discover a ‘prophet’ has been writing their story and there’s a whole series of books about them. Or when Dean gets hit with a fear spell. Or they get sent to an alternate universe where they are the actors playing Sam and Dean on TV. Light and shade to balance the death and mayhem and apocalypses. Still a bit too much killing of the gals (I’m kind of scared to find out what happens to Charlie…no spoilers) but more back to the show I first liked. So yay, back in the groove. Though now I’m going to have to buy Season 10 as not sure I’ll be able to wait for it to turn up on Netflix.

So, ever wandered away from a show only to rediscover it? Are you Team Dean or Team Sam? (Me, I lean toward Team Dean though heck, either of them would do.)

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