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Easters that fall early in the year always throw me out. It feels like it was just Christmas and suddenly, bam, Easter which means the year is well underway. Gah!

Anyway, I hope you have a relaxing long weekend with people you love if you get a long weekend for Easter. I’m planning to write and paint and stitch and read and nap and go see the folks. I shall probably also go and see the new Batman/Superman movie. It looks bad and Man of Steel bored me (seriously, how do you make a film that largely is the very decorative Henry Cavill in a skin tight suit boring? It takes some skill. Which apparently the director has) but it has Wonder Woman and if it flops, Hollywood will throw up their collective hands and blame Wonder Woman for it flopping. So I’ll do my bit to prevent that from happening. Because I would like to see a Wonder Woman movie, dammit. Though maybe one directed by someone else.

I might even eat one or two of these 😀

Easter eggs

Enjoy the break!

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