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I know things have been low on the blogging front recently. Sometimes life gets crazy. 3 weeks ago, in particular, I had an ankle reconstruction to fix a ligament that was borked when I broke my ankle five years ago. Let us not discuss why this was not diagnosed five years ago and move on. Surgery went well and I am recovering (and, as of yesterday, able to drive short distances) so hurrah. Now for the boring physiotherapy part.

Being laid up with ankle surgery has meant a lot of couch time (the picture demonstrates my view for a lot of the three weeks though the foot has progress from cast to ankle brace in that time).


and while the brain has not been fully co-operating on the writing front, there has been plenty of reading and TV to fill the well while I’ve been rested. So I thought I’d mention a few books and things I’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks.


The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers (space opera! Which is probably my fave kind of SF. If you like Firefly, check it out. Bonus, book 2 has just been released).

Idol by Kristen Callihan (I am late to the Kristen Callihan party. No, I do not know why. I glommed this and the three books in her Game Plan series in about two days. She’s coming to the Australian Romance Readers Convention next year, so I will be able to squee at her.

The Summer Bride by Anne Gracie (actually I re-read the Autumn Bride and then read the other three books in the series as well which I had been saving up for just such a time. Anne does lovely happy feels regency romance).

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews. If  you follow this blog, you’ll know this is my fave UF series. It’s still awesome.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I read a couple of hers too but I think this was my fave. I’ll be interested to see what the TV version of Big Little Lies is like.

Other things

Crashing (on Aussie Netflix now) – UK comedy/drama of the “UK people awkwardly bumble through life and mess up their love lives spectacularly’ variety. I think another season is coming. Another one also on Netflix is Lovesick which is of a similar oeuvre though a bit sweeter than Crashing. Season 2 of this one is going to be a Netflix original in November (I think).

Glitch (also on Netflix) – I watched the first episode or two when it was on free to air but lost track of it somehow. Good creepy Aussie drama with a supernatural ish twist. Needs season 2.

Florence Foster Jenkins which was kind of charming actually.

The Night Manager – another one I’d started watching a while ago but had a few eps left. Tense. With Hiddleston looking hawt.

So there you go. I must be about due to a books I’m looking forward to post…stay tuned!

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