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To my dear old orange cat, Tabasco, who left us this morning.

He fought the good fight against CRF but the last few days had been telling me he’d had enough.

Seeing as we got him around Easter 1995, I guess it’s kind of fitting that he left at Easter time too. Hopefully he’s up in kitty heaven with Jessie.

You were the sweetest cat (and possibly the stubbornest and loudest at time) and as always, you didn’t stay long enough.

The torti cat and I are very sad.

April 1995

The nameless one

Currently pondering cat names as this little cutie came home with me this morning.

After all the various cat dramas, it’s lovely to finally have another feline member of the household. So far orange cat doesn’t seem too fussed by strange cat smells or noises coming from the bathroom and the new girl seems pretty relaxed (if not outright keen to explore beyond her current bathroom hangout). So hopefully they’re going to be good friends eventually.

The new girl is teeny (she’s about 9-11 months old but nowhere near as big as Tabasco and he’s not a huge cat) and smoochy and playful. She’s an RSPCA cat and has already had a litter just after she came into the shelter (far too young…please desex your pets!)

Looks like I’ll be having a fairly quiet week at home mostly while we integrate the household. Good time to write and spin and tackle the pile of tax paperwork looking at me balefully from the kitchen table.

A study in orange

We were talking about bucket lists/life lists at my crit group yesterday, which got me thinking about some of the things I want to do. Learn more about photography is one of them (along with buy a digital SLR). But given I’ve just paid for cat palaces and a new spinning wheel, the camera yen has to wait. I do have both a point and shoot canon and a fancier does more stuff without being an SLR Panasonic Lumix camera. The Canon and the iPhone tend to get reached for because they’re either handy or little. The Panasonic does take better shots than the Canon but it eats its battery really fast plus the battery tends to die if you leave it out of use for a while. (to which I am applying the brilliant solution of buying some extra batteries!). But I shall have to pull it out and play with it some more to satisfy the photography yen for now.

Today, for a giggle, I bought the iPhone Hipstamatic app which makes your photos look like old film camera photos from the seventies etc which is fun.

So today I played around with that, and the recharged Panasonic and the orange cat being the nearest subject, I present…a study in felinus orangus.

First, felinus orangus hipster

And second, felinus orangus more really toastus these days, in close up

There were lots of other things on my list…the question is how does one get the time and/or money to do some of them??? Who’s got something they’d love to learn/try/take up?

It’s good to be a cat!

When my little Jessie girl passed away, I decided any new kitten needed to be a mostly indoor kitty. Jessie never went beyond my backyard and the orange cat limits himself to the front porch and the backyard but a young frisky cat might want to roam.

Because I don’t like the idea of completely indoor cats (plus the orange cat would probably have a meltdown if I tried to keep him in completely), I decided to get a cat enclosure.

So I did some research and weighed some options. There’s a couple of companies that do cat enclosures around (or if you’re handier than me you could probably build one yourself). I however, went with the expert version. A process which has involved me completely digging out my garden beds, experimenting with bodgy paving and doing a fair bit of prep work.

Today, Dale from Catnip came to install the cat palace. Catnip do wire enclosures (there are other companies that do netting type things but I don’t really have anything to enclose with netting. The good thing about Catnip, is the enclosures can be disassembled and move with me and they can also be extended later on down the track.

This way, the orange cat (and the fuzzy kitten when he arrives) will get fresh air and sunshine (and grass to nibble on once I plant some in pots) plus they can be up high (which the orange cat hasn’t been able to do for a few years due to his arthritic knees). I’m sure there will be a bit of an adjustment on his part, and the cunning plan is to occasionally let him go out if he wants while keeping the fuzz ball in but it’s safer for both of the and the pigeon and sparrow population will be safe (though as I’ve said before, any bird that gets caught by an old athriticky cat whose hunting technique involves meowing loudly probably is better out of the gene pool).

And here is the end result (and Tabasco’s opinion so far in the vid). Excuse the garden rubbish, I’m still cleaning up.

[flickr video=5208340650 secret=5d54eb2d31 w=400 h=225]

If only he ruled the world

The orange cat would like you all to know that I have RUINED his exciting cat jungle by getting the backyard mowed. How on earth is he meant to play King of the Savannah now?? If he ruled the world it would be off with my head!

I would subject you to video of him complaining but blogger doesn’t want to upload it right now.

And now, off to see if book three wants to play!

ETA: Video!

[flickr video=5113521142 secret=cc062289f9 w=400 h=225]

No words

RIP to my darling grey cat, Jessie, who left us today.

You stole a piece of my heart when you climbed up the side of the cage at the Cat Protection Society to get to me sixteen years ago and you’ve still got it. The world feels a little emptier today.

May you have sunshine to doze in and mice to chase and every good thing where you are now, little girl.


Mel: *picks up new foam roller#, put on floor”
Orange cat: *raises head with interest*
Mel: *lies down on foam roller to commence back stretch and relax*
Orange cat: Ooo, you are on the floor, I know what that means
Mel: No, you don’t.
Orange cat: Yes, I do. It means you want to pat me. *jumps down off couch, walks across Mel*
Mel: Oof. Get off!
Orange cat: But you want to pat me or else why would you lie on the floor down here with me?
Mel: I am trying to relax
Orange cat: You need to pat me. It’s relaxing! *butts hand with head*
Mel: My hands are supposed to be relaxed too
Orange cat: *Butts hand with head. Nibbles fingers*
Mel: *Gives in and scritches*
Orange cat: Told you
Mel: Go away now. *breathes deep, tries to relax*
Orange cat: Bored now. *wanders around to other side* Ooh shiny, another hand. Pet me.
Mel: No.
Orange cat: *applies sandpaper tongue* See, I cleaned your fingers. Now pet me!
Mel: Still no
Orange cat: *nibbles*
Mel: Oh for Pete’s sake. *scritches*
Orange cat: Heh heh heh
Alarm goes off, signalling end of stretch time
Mel: *Rolls off roller, attempts to enjoy stretched back with fur in face*
Orange cat: See, I told you pets are relaxing!
Mel: *mutters* And they wonder why I have tense muscles.

Aaaaannnnndd, scene.

Progress – Lily

New pages - Four
Intriguing things - More secrets
Annoyances - Perhaps the orange cat?
Linear/non-linear – Linear
Music - Soundtrack. Though one repeated song at a time.
Location - Word and Think at desk.
Taking care of Mel - Stretching, physio exercises. Relative healthy eating
Muse food - About to apply Glee and popcorn

# for those of you who write and don’t know what a foam roller is, I can thoroughly recommend one. I’ve done this stretch for ages in pilates but the physio suggested it would be better to do it every day. Basically a foam roller is one of these (you want the long, fully round one), which you can get at physio/pilates supplies. To do this stretch, you lie down on the thing, with it running up your spine, head just on one end. It will be a bit uncomfortable at first but then all those tight muscles along the width of your back start to loosen (er, thoracic extension, I think?) and melt. At the end, you roll off the roller and lie flat and enjoy the weird yet strangely delightful feeling that your back is completely flat to the floor and made of floppy. Is lovely. Not the cheapest thing in the world but well worth it for us keyboard slaves.

A message from the orange cat

I am too a big tough cat and I have the fuzzed up tail to prove it! And, yes, it’s just as tough to fuzz up your tail from the safety of the lounge after bolting through the cat door. Ignore the grey cat when she tries to tell you otherwise. She thinks she’s clever cos her tail is fluffy all the time.

What I did on my birthday by the Orange Cat

Every year the human gets the day off work for my birthday. She reckons it’s called “Australia Day” but I know it’s International Day of Orange Cat Glory and must be celebrated appropriately.

Firstly I woke up nice and early and woke the human up with a special birthday yowl I’d been practicing. It worked. She got up and gave me breakfast then seemed to go back to sleep. Probably conserving her strength for later celebrations. Not to worry, I just knocked over one of her cushions and slept on that. Then I moved to a patch of sunlight (especially arranged for my birthday I’m sure).

Once the human got up I demonstrated my birthday yowl a few more times. She seemed very impressed. Not sure why she told me to go outside except it was probably to let the neighbours also experience my special yowl.

I also investigated my favourite dirt pile so I could maintain my chic orange with dirt splotches birthday outfit. It’s stylish, I don’t care what that fluffy grey thing thinks.

After all that, was quite tired so had afternoon birthday nap on my couch. The human did something weird where she gets into all these strange positions on a mat thingy. She thinks she’s being a cat but she’s just not bendy enough. I keep offering to demonstrate but she mutters at me when I sit on her while she’s doing bendy things and then she closes the door to the room. Unfriendly. I told her so with a yowl. I’m sure she paid attention.

After the couch nap, I had to go out and try out the nice warm concrete. Napped again. Apparently my concrete is going to be extra warm for the next few days in celebration of my birthday, so yay.

Now I’m waiting for the human to sit on the couch so I can sit on her and possibly try to give her my special nose nibble of niceness. And maybe a few more birthday yowls. Then, I’m sure there will be cake. Hopefully meat flavoured. Take note if you were thinking of sending a gift.

A christmas message from the office of the orange cat

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