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Cover reveal

The cover for The Devil in Denim is revealed in all it’s glory (and there’s a lot of glory) today on Heroes and Heartbreakers!

Check it out! I think it’s divine (looks like the SMP art department needs cookies too!)


Read all about it

Just a quick post to say that the excerpt for The Wolf Within is up now on the site for those who are curious.

The Wolf Within

Hopefully out in a week or less!

ARRA chat

A few weeks ago I did a google hangout/chat with the lovely Sharon from the Australian Romance Readers Association and the vid is now live…so if you want to hear and see a bit of me chatting about my books and other random things…the video is on the ARRA blog below.

Thanks for having me, ARRA!

In which there is more news!

Well, after last weeks good news, I’m equally happy to tell you that it’s official, more M.J. Books will be forthcoming!  I’ve sold two more books to my lovely Roc editor, Jessica Wade. the first of these will be a fourth book in the Half-Light series ( I reached the end of Iron Kin without reaching the end of the story) And the other,  at this stage, another dark fantasy. Half-Light 4 is so far without title so more on that when we figure it out and will be out earlyish in 2014 I hope

I officially have many books to write but am thrilled I get to keep writing on my two favorite genres!


In which there is news…

And not a little squeeing!

Anyway, once upon a time there was a writer who loved romance and fantasy. Grew up reading ‘em both. Started writing ‘em both. Sold the fantasy ones first….but today, I’m very very thrilled to announce I have, thanks to the agent wizardry of Miriam Kriss, sold 3 contemporary romances to the awesome Jennifer Enderlin at St. Martins Press!!

Well, when I say me, it’s actually M.J’s evil twin, Melanie Scott who is writing these. Or maybe M.J. is the evil twin…anyway, two names for me!

At this stage the titles of the books are The Devil in Denim, Angel in Armani and Lawless in Leather and Book 1 should be out sometime early-mid 2014.

Melanie’s website (well the first version thereof) is here and she has a Facebook page (hop over there and like her if you want news via FB). I’ll put the details of the website up here when I have them but because it’s nice to share, there’ll be one twitter @melscott and news of all books will be posted here at Crossed Wires (which you’ll be able to access from both sites) along with the usual cat stories, pics and general ramblings about the writerly life.

For all my lovely M.J readers, do not fear, M.J. isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re not into contemporary romance, there will be more fantasy tales for you. If you do like contemporary romance, then hopefully you’ll check Melanie’s books out.
And that’s all for now…more on these books to come!

Galley winner

And the winner of the Blood Kin signed galley is Courtney Ake. Congrats to Courtney!
Courtney, email me using my contact form with your snail mail and how you’d like it signed and I’ll get it in the mail to you.

For those who didn’t win…there’s still hope!
My crit buddy Keri Arthur is also giving away a galley over on her blog
There is also a few days left to enter the Goodreads giveaway for US folks
And Ace and Roc are giving away a Half-Light City started pack of both books on their facebook page. That one may be US only…I haven’t tried entering to find out!

And if none of those pan out, never fear there will be some more Blood Kin related contest goodness here on the blog in the next few weeks.

Blood Kin galley giveaway

Book three in the Half-Light series officially has a title…Iron Kin. So to celebrate the newly named and the coming-real-soon-now release of Blood Kin, I’m giving away a Blood Kin galley (galleys are bound, uncorrected proofs of the book).

Just comment here to win…bonus points if you tell me a cool name…person, pet, book, whatever!


Also, I’m very thrilled to be able to say that Shadow Kin has been nominated for a 2011 Australian Romance Readers Association Award in the Sci Fi, Fantasy and Futuristic category.  Woot! Huge thanks to everyone who nominated me! The list of finalists (Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Rachel Vincent, Erica Hayes, Karen Marie Moning and Sherrilyn Kenyon!) features some of my favourite writers and I’m very honoured to be in their company! Congratulations to the finalists in all the categories, lovely to see lots of great books and authors getting the nod.

If you’re an ARRA member, voting is open from tomorrow! Go vote for all your favourite books this year.

So close…

About fourteen hours to go until it’s 9am on release day in New York. It’s sort of a weird feeling waiting for the big thing that, really, I have no control over anymore.

I can understand why writers talk about a book baby. Lots of effort for a long time and then a big flurry of effort at the end and no way of stopping things after that lol And you want everyone to think the result is wonderful! Even though you know some people will think it’s a weird looking brat. And that’s pushing a metaphor far enough for one morning.

Anyway, I’ll draw the blog giveaway and the newsletter giveaway tonight before I go to bed….so if you haven’t entered, you have less than fourteen hours to do so!

I’m also at My Bookish Ways today – where I will answer questions etc and there’s another giveaway chance.

And Ace/Roc are doing their Fall Giveaway over at Dear Author and Shadow Kin is one of the books up for grabs.

Okay, off to work to distract myself from author neuroses!

Let’s give some books away!

For the last 18 months or so I’ve been giving away some of my fave authors books while I waited for Shadow Kin to be released.

Yesterday this arrived:

One big beautiful box of Shadow Kin! And that means it’s time to give away my own book. Woohoo!

So here’s the deal. Right now, I’m offering two copies up for grabs. All you have to do is comment on this post between now and release day (September 6…12 short days away)! Should anything else cool happen between now and then, I might just be moved to increase the loot! (Example of cool things…interpretative dance, photos of SK in the wild given it’s likely that some stores might have it before release day, increased in twitter or FB followers, pictures of famous people with my book etc etc….). Easy peasy. Also a little bird told me that there is another copy up for grabs for newsletter subscribers…details will be in the next newsletter which goes out tomorrow (Saturday Aussie time)!

Also, because we’ve entered the official countdown to launch day zone, I shall be appearing here and there on the interwebs over the next few weeks. List of dates etc over on the appearances page on the site. Book launch details are there as well.