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Sunday snippet

Today’s snippet is a taste of Alex Winters, the hero from The Devil in Denim (aka Book 1 of the New York Saints series).
Fave things – relaxation

Fave things – relaxation

Between writing all the books, cat butlering, day jobbing, splashing paint around and attempting not to be a complete introvert hermit, life gets hectic around here sometimes. And being a virgo, I can get very THINK ALL THE THINGS ABOUT ALL THE THINGS AND TRY AND...
Fave things – beauty blogs

Fave things – beauty blogs

Beauty blogs. I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures, because whatever makes you happy is a good thing, so get on with your good self but this is definitely one of my “I need a bit of a break/to look at pretty things/to feed the makeup habit”...

A little taste

And here’s a snippet of our hero and heroine together… “I’m the devil?” He was grinning at her now. She wasn’t sure why. She’d just told him to go to hell. “Why, Ms. Jameson, are you feeling tempted?”...

One more week

This time next week, THE DEVIL IN DENIM will be out. So time to meet our hero…Alex Winters, or at least the stand in for him in my head.   If you want some more glimpses of inspirations for the Saints world, check out my Pinterest...

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