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A little taste

And here’s a snippet of our hero and heroine together…

“I’m the devil?” He was grinning at her now. She wasn’t sure why. She’d just told him to go to hell. “Why, Ms. Jameson, are you feeling tempted?”

“I’d rather kiss a goat.” Heat raced over her face. Why was she talking about kissing? You didn’t talk about kissing to guys unless you wanted them to kiss you. Which she didn’t. Goddamn tequila.

He laughed. Which was unfair. His laugh was sexy. No, scrap that. Nothing about Winters was sexy.

“A goat? Horns, a beard, cloven hooves? Kind of like the devil?”

She dropped her head onto the bar. She was in no mood to banter with the devil. She knew her folklore. Nothing good ever came of trying to best Beelzebub. Nope, that path only led to lost souls and eternal damnations. Which sounded about right where Winters was concerned.


Five short days to more of this!


A hero needs a heroine

And, of course, every hero needs a heroine. And the heroine of THE DEVIL IN DENIM is Maggie Jameson.



Less than a week to go!

One more week

This time next week, THE DEVIL IN DENIM will be out.

So time to meet our hero…Alex Winters, or at least the stand in for him in my head.



If you want some more glimpses of inspirations for the Saints world, check out my Pinterest board.

The final Fire Kin snippet

Which is also the final Half-Light City snippet. Four books later and the story is done. At least for now (because you know, never say never).

So have a snippet from our hero.

Having gleaned what I could for now, I turned my attention from the Fae to my surroundings. I was still shielding my power, but despite that, I could feel the song of the court and the Veiled World itself. Feel the slow, ancient pulse of the magic that ran beneath it. All that lazy power there to be used, ready to leap to my call.

It stood the hairs on the back of my neck on end and I was very glad that this was the second time I’d been to Summerdale rather than the first since my exile. This time, it wasn’t quite so seductive and I didn’t feel quite so drunk with it.

There was still a certain amount of temptation to let it run through me and wreak some old-fashioned havoc, but that would only lead to more trouble. The aim today was to stay alive.

One more sleep!

A snippet and a reminder

Fire Kin is out in a week (May 6).

And here’s a snippet to whet the appetite:

“Liam,” I said. “It’s good to see you.”

He smiled back at me, eyes startlingly green in his dark face. “And you, Lady Bryony.”

I studied him a moment. He looked tired but, underneath the fatigue, somehow changed by his travels. He’d been bowed down with grief at the death of a girl he couldn’t protect when he was sent on his mission. Apparently that hurt had receded a little. Also, he met my gaze without a blush. Which was another welcome improvement. He was growing up, this young knight.

“How is your arm after your journey?” I let my gaze fall to the shortened left sleeve of his tunic, which bared the stump of his arm. Simon and I had been unable to save his forearm—torn to shreds by the teeth of a Beast, and it was a failing that pained me.

“It’s fine, my lady,” he said firmly, shifting his stance so his right side was nearer to me.

I accepted his explanation, for now. He had never admitted to pain, not even in the earliest days after his amputation. I made a note to send one of the healers to check him later.

“They sent me to escort you,” Liam continued.

“Are we to meet in Father Cho’s office?” I asked, respecting his change of subject.

“In the conference room. I’ll take you there.”

He led the way, though I knew the route all too well. There had been too many conferences with the Templars and the human council these last few months. I probably could have found my way to the conference room in my sleep.

A babble of noise as we approached the room told me that I wasn’t the only one who’d been summoned.

But as I stepped through the door and saw the man who stood beside Guy DuCaine, tall and sleekly muscled with night dark hair and dark gray eyes set in a face I had tried my best to forget, I only wanted to turn around and run.

But if you haven’t started the Half-Light City series, here’s a quick reminder.

Book 1 is Shadow Kin

More info (including excerpts) here.

Book 2 is Blood Kin

More info (including excerpts) here.

Book 3 is Iron Kin

Iron Kin cover

More info (including excerpts) here.

Winners….Australia Day Blog Hopgiveaway

As decreed by the powers of, the winning entrants in my Australia Day Blog Hop giveaway are:

Choice of either Shadow Kin or Blood Kin…Karina

Choice of a Keri Arthur book…Sonia Cattley

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who dropped by to comments (and to Bookdout and Confessions from Romaholics for running the blog hop). Karina and Sonia, I’ll be in touch to organise your prizes.

Blood Kin snippet # 2 – Guy’s song

I’ll put up the full soundtrack in another post but today’s snippet is a key Guy song.  An oldie but a goodie.


Today is a lovely, lovely summer’s day in Melbourne. Not too hot, sunny, with a bit of a breeze. My mum has been down so that we could go visit my aunt and cousin and said cousin’s too cute little boy, all of whom live interstate. I didn’t grab my big camera as I left and, naturally, that meant we ended up taking a (slow and hobbly) walk along South Bank. So I defaulted back to the iPhone (yay for camera phones…the iPhone really does take some nice pics). I posted a bunch of them over on the Facebook page but here’s my fave:

Melbourne, which is a very pretty city and I’ve always loved this view up the river towards the CBD.

In other news, Blood Kin page proofs are done and so is my last chance to fiddle with the story. Hopefully I’ll have some ARCs to giveaway soon. I’m futzing around with a couple of other ideas which shall remain nameless for now and doing some planning but mostly I’m trying to get through the post book phase where a writer’s brain goes all fuzzy and all sorts of weirdness (like forgetting one’s purse, dropping things, turning up early or late for appointments etc) occurs. So lazy summer days are good therapy for that!


Spooky Legends 2011

You can cruise on over to All Things Urban Fantasy if you want to get Lily’s take on the legend of The Black Dog.

There’s a chance to win a copy of Shadow Kin and the Spooky Legends event is running all month and there are many other cool giveaways and legends to read about.


New York – Episode 3

And now onto Wednesday.  On Tuesday there was shoe shopping and other frivolities which I’ve already posted about on FB etc.  Wednesday afternoon, Keri and I went for a wander around to get a closer look at some of the places we went on the bus tour.

New York Public Library – Patience or Fortitude (which is what the lions are called but I’m not sure which one this dude is)

Stairs inside the library

View from one of the windows


Ceiling in the library

Door in the library

Outside Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station concourse

Lights in Grand Central

Interior of the Chrysler building

Lamps outside the Chrysler building


Statue outside a hotel whose name escapes me right now

Stained glass inside Saint Patricks, which has some of the most gorgeous stained glass I’ve seen

More stained glass

Next up will be some shots from the Cloisters….