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New cover – The Dark Side

THE DARK SIDE, Book 2 of The Wild Side trilogy, has a gorgeous cover!



At this stage, the book should be out middle of next month! Excerpt coming very very soon here.

PS Gorgeous cover design by Kim Killion at Hot Damn Designs

All the things are happening

Firstly, thank you to all the lovely people who have been reading and reviewing The Devil in Denim. You are all awesome!

Secondly Amazon picked Devil as one of their top Romance books of the month (so yay!)

Amazon Best books of the month copy

Right now, the kindle version is discounted (it shows up at $5.49 for me here in Oz, so I’m guessing the US price is around $5.10?) so this gorgeous butt:



is going cheap! You know you want him on your e-reader … :D

Thirdly, The Dark Side, book 2 of my urban fantasy trilogy, has gone off to be edited. I should have it back before the end of this month but because I have a book (The Shattered Court) due at the end of the month and a set of revisions (Lawless in Leather) due by then as well, I’m thinking I won’t get back to TDS until the start of October. So hopefully it will be out in the world by mid October! Sorry but sometimes all the publishing things converge and something has to give a little.

Fourthly I’ve seen the cover copy for both The Shattered Court and Lawless in Leather so that hopefully means there will be pretty pretty covers to share soon. Likewise, I should have the cover for The Dark Side to show you real soon now. I’m also working on another Wild Side thing which isn’t too far away, I hope. To whet the appetite a bit, here’s the blurb for The Dark Side (warning, slightly spoilery for The Wolf Within, so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know:

Monsters used to be just her day job. Now they’re her life.

Newly minted werewolf, Ashley Keenan, thought she’d faced her past when she got her revenge on McCallister Tate, the vampire who killed her family. She wants to build a future with her fiancé, FBI agent and fellow werewolf, Daniel Gibson, but it seems the past isn’t done with her yet. For one thing, she still owes a debt to the vampire who controls Seattle, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Dan. And for another, she knows that McCallister Tate didn’t work alone … and his friends are still out there.

When a vicious attack on the anniversary of her parent’s death leaves her best friend infected with an aggressive new strain of vampirism, Ash is sucked into the fight to save her and to stop a plague of vampires overrunning humanity. It’s a fight that quickly turns deadly when the ones controlling the new vampires decide that Ashley’s family secrets might hold the key to their success—and that the only way to get to those secrets is through Ash herself. To save herself, her friend, and maybe even the world, Ash has to embrace her werewolf abilities, call on some dangerous allies, and take a walk on the dark side …

And now back to writing all the things so that all of the above keeps happening! Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. If you’re a reviewer and are interested in reviewing The Dark Side (or The Wolf Within), contact me mel @!


The Devil in Denim is out today!

This gorgeous man is finally out in the wild for your reading pleasure! Hope you enjoy him as much as I did!



If you’re looking for places to buy, here’s a few links to get you started. Happy reading!

Closer and closer

It’s Monday morning in the US which means just one more sleep until THE DEVIL IN DENIM is out. What started almost two years ago as a mad idea in my head one Saturday morning is almost here.

From this:

DevilcollageTo this:



Still can’t tell you quite how that happens but I’m very happy that it does! Hopefully lots of you will be too :)


And one for our hero

He’s kind of determined when he makes up his mind

A Maggie song

Some books I listen to my whole soundtrack for the book over and over.  Other books, I listen to particular songs over and over at particular stages of the book.

For THE DEVIL IN DENIM this was my getting into Maggie’s head song. Plus kind of the journey she needed to take…

A hero needs a heroine

And, of course, every hero needs a heroine. And the heroine of THE DEVIL IN DENIM is Maggie Jameson.



Less than a week to go!


Today I’m over at Cathryn Hein’s Friday Feast talking about some very delicious lemon and coconut brownies and offering up a signed copy of The Devil in Denim for grabs!

Cathryn writes fab rural romance and romantic adventure, is a lovely gal and specialises in tantalising us all every Friday by making authors dish on their favorite dishes, so come on over and chat to us.

(11 more days if anyone besides me is counting ;) )




If you want a taste of The Devil in Denim, there’s a excerpt up on Heroes and Heartbreakers. (Registration required).

Also I’m one of the authors in the huge St. Martins Press giveaway on Read a Romance Month! (That one is US only).

12 days to go!


One month to go

It’s the 26th July here in San Antonio, where I’m currently at the Romance Writers of America conference.  Which means there’s only 1 month until this baby comes out!



Publisher’s Weekly included The Devil in Denim in their Top 10 Fall 2014 Romances, which is awesome and it’s been getting some lovely reviews around the place. So don’t forget to buy it. I’ll be doing one last ARC giveaway when I get back to Australia next week via my Melanie newsletter, so if you want to sign up, there’s a sign-up box in the side bar of my Melanie Scott website. I’ve just handed in Lawless in Leather so that completes the first three books of the series. It’s been great over here at RWA, I’ve met Jennifer Enderlin, my fabulous editor and caught up with my awesome agent and other US and New Zealand people that I only get to see at conferences. I’ve met lots of great writers and readers and signed many books. Tonight’s the big RITA and Golden Heart awards ceremony and then I start the long trek home again on Sunday.

Here’s a few pics of San Antonio…it’s a beautiful city but very hot and humid!


Memorial Pool at the Alamo


Prickly pear

The Alamo

The Alamo

The River Walk

More along the River Walk