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New cover – Angel in Armani

Well, now that my cover has been launched over on Heroes and Heartbreakers, I can share it here too.

Check out this bad boy, coming to you December 30 2014, making this year officially the year of many books by moi.

Angel in Armani

Audio and titles and dates, oh my!

So, a few bits and pieces of news to report (which is better than lions and tigers and bears).

Thing, the first. The new fantasy book has a title. It’s called THE SHATTERED COURT and will be out sometime in 2015. This is the start of a whole new series, with magic and demons and secrets and feats of derring-do and romance. I’ll be finishing writing it over the next few months, so looking forward to finding out exactly how all that works out.

Thing, the second. The New York Saints series will be coming out in audiobook! Yay! I love audiobooks, so am very excited by this. As far as I know, this will be at the same time, or shortly after the books themselves are released but will update as I can.

Thing, the third. Speaking of dates, the schedule for the New York Saints books is currently:

  • THE DEVIL IN DENIM 26 August 2014
  • ANGEL IN ARMANI January 2015 (Amazon says December 30 2014…I’ll confirm the exact date when I can)
  • LAWLESS IN LEATHER May 2015 (Exact date TBD)

So there you have it. News. And a schedule which is the reason why this blog is a bit quiet lately! And to leave you, a gratuitous picture of the Fuzzy Girl being earnestly excited by all this news.

Fuzzy Excitement

Ever wanted to ask me a question?

Well, here’s a chance to hang out online.

On Friday 16 May (starting 3PM Central, which is about 6am Saturday here in Australia), I’ll be hanging out at Bitten By Books, answering questions and talking about Fire Kin, the Half-Light City and whatever else takes our fancy. And I’ll be giving away $80 in Amazon gift cards. I’ll be there most of the day/evening (US time) so, Aussies you don’t have to get up quite so early.

It’s going to be fun, so check out the Bitten By Books post to get the details and RSVP.

Fire Kin cover

Fire Kin for your reading pleasure

Fire Kin is out today! Available at all good bookstores etc etc. If you read it and like it, tell your friends (or you know, everyone!) : )

Fire Kin cover

And to celebrate the unleashing of Fen and Saskia on the world, I’m giving away some books. Four lucky people can win their choice of Iron Kin, Shadow Kin or Blood Kin. Just email me mel @ and tell me who your favourite Half-Light character is to enter. And if anyone is intrepid enough to send me a pic of Fire Kin out in the wild, there may be some special bonus prizes.

The look of Fire Kin

So only a couple more days until Fire Kin is out. I start every book by doing a collage to try and get how the story (or the spark of the idea) feels in my head into an image I can use while I’m writing to remind myself what I’m trying to do.


This is how Fire Kin started out in my head.

And this is what it will look like out in the real world on Tuesday!


This is the point where I start chewing my nails ….


Another snippet

The countdown continues (May 6 is getting very close). So have another Fire Kin snippet.


“Veil’s eyes, Father is right. You are impossible.”

“Yes, but you like me anyway.” He stepped closer. Too close. Too near in the falling dark and the soft air, with the first hints of starlight above us. This night was the stuff of lovers’ trysts. Nothing that I wanted any part of with Ash. Even if his nearness made the hairs on my arms lift and set butterflies floating idly through my stomach.

“Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Deny it,” he challenged.

A hero who didn’t forget

And if Bryony doesn’t want to remember, Asharic has never quite forgotten. So this one is a song for him.  You can check out the full soundtrack for Fire Kin  on the website.


Five days to go!

A heroine determined not to remember

So Bryony and Ash have a past. One she’d rather forget. The full soundtrack for Fire Kin is up on the website but this song is one that sums up Bryony and Ash from her viewpoint.

So we need a hero

It takes quite the guy to take on a heroine like Bryony … but it turns out there was someone in the wings waiting for her!

This guy.



Mmmm, Asharic. 8 days until you get to meet him!

9 days to Fire Kin!

So it’s only nine days now until Fire Kin comes out on May 6!

Time to meet our intrepid heroine. Well, you’ve met her already as she’s been in all the books. I’m not sure there’s anyone who really looks like the Bryony sa’Eleniel in my head but this is not too bad ….