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Melbourne has decided that winter is here. It's FREEZING. Good weather for snuggling up with Spooks DVDs (Mr Darcy is a SPY!), good books and a blanket. Unfortunately, I ran around most of the weekend instead. The 40th wedding anniversary went very well, good food,...

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The days are just packed

This week has been a good week. There have been Amazon shipments (Don't Look Down, yippeeee), there have been Brain Sync shipments (the meditation stuff is going very well, great in fact, I can highly recommend them and the Walking Meditation one is freaky - I can go...

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Relaxation and remembering

Well the weekend was a write off in terms of writing. Apparently the muse needed a holiday. So I read (Taming the Duke, Warprize, Devil in Winter, The Compass Rose, all excellent books. The Compass Rose is another Luna. I'm starting to think Luna, on the whole, rocks....

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Stuffing around

Well Keri called her post Stuff or Stuffed, so I will continue her theme. Cos stuffing around is what I have been doing today instead of writing. I have done the laundry, I have taken the folks' mac mini to the mac doctor (get well soon little mac mini), I have done...

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Happy Easter

Not such an original blog title but sincerely meant. I hope you have all partaken of the buns of hot cross goodness and received mucho chocolato from the bunny. Plus hanging out with whoever makes you happy. I've been down at my folks and have only been back a few...

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Hot cross writers

It's almost Easter. Five day weekend. Yippee. Writing time. Chocolate. Hot cross buns. mmmmm. And a lulu meeting. Hopefully we will be happy writers after that. Though some restraint must be exercised or we'll be hot cross writers from being unable to fit into our...

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Ugh, 9 am is way too early on a Saturday to be up, showered, load of laundry on and already been out and back on an errand. Particularly when last night didn't exactly feature 8 solid hours of sleep. Why not, I hear you ask. Well. Remember how I talked about my cats...

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April – how did that happen?

Well, it's April Fools Day and Melbourne is celebrating by suddenly realising it's well into Autumn and turning cold, wet and windy. Though the sun is shining right now, I have the heater on and am wearing a polar fleece. Last week I could've had the air con on....

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