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PS A reminder

Because I came home last night and found a BIG one of these smack in the middle of my security door chowing down on a poor defenceless grasshopper (half of which is still hanging on my door cos it's gross and ewww a big hairy gross spider was touching it and I haven't...

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Or else

Turns out it's or else. Which in this case has translated to lots of cleaning (always a sign of avoidance ; ) ), not enough sleeping and dinner out last night with friends. Then we went to see Match Point. Interesting. I don't get Woody Allen. Or rather I don't...

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Man this week has whizzed by. And tomorrow is my day off. Yay. The only downside this week has been a distinct lack of co-operation from the muse. Who is currently sitting in the corner doing the muse-ly equivalent of "neener, neener, neener, not playing, nuh-UH". I...

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Sleeping is good

Ugh. Up way too early. 11 hour day at work. Need sleep. Finished Sebastian last night. I'll give Anne Bishop full credit for continuing to come up with very unique worlds and visions. I'm looking forward to the second one. Also read on the weekend, Lord Perfect by...

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Tutus and technology

I went to the ballet today. My mum and I subscribe to the Australian Ballet and go five times or so a year. Kind of a gals day out thing, she comes down from the country we have lunch, eat cake and watch the dancing. It used to be me, mum and my sil until my brother...

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The hard way

So I think I've figured out how to fix the pacing at the start of my book. Problem is the solution is combining three of the first four scenes into one and moving the fourth. Easy in my head. Hard in practice. I'm wondering whether just to write it from scratch or try...

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Lost weekend

Not lost. But almost over. Three and a bit days have whizzed by. How did that happen? So what have we achieved this weekend? Friday I wrote, did chores and some other must do tasks (like watch NCIS and Medium - but that wasn't until after dinner). Got some feedback on...

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Lost again

Sorry, writers of Lost, tonight you are trumped by mint chip chocolate and Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Sometimes a gal needs treats. There has been a little writing this week, hopefully tomorrow that will improve further. And then Saturday it is the Lulu mexican...

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Oscars, guns and money

Well okay, there's not really guns but it sounds good! Firstly the Oscars, a recap. 1. Blondes should stop wearing yellow. It didn't work for Renee, it didn't work for Kate and it didn't work for Michelle. Yellow is a hard colour to wear and, imho, it does nothing for...

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