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Lost again

Sorry, writers of Lost, tonight you are trumped by mint chip chocolate and Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Sometimes a gal needs treats. There has been a little writing this week, hopefully tomorrow that will improve further. And then Saturday it is the Lulu mexican...

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Oscars, guns and money

Well okay, there's not really guns but it sounds good! Firstly the Oscars, a recap. 1. Blondes should stop wearing yellow. It didn't work for Renee, it didn't work for Kate and it didn't work for Michelle. Yellow is a hard colour to wear and, imho, it does nothing for...

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Paying the rent

I finished my three chapters so I rewarded my muse with a trip to the movies and went to see Rent. I've seen the theatrical version twice, once in London and once in Melbourne and loved it from the first few notes. Loved the movie too. It's different but I think they...

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The best laid plans

So yes, okay, I was going to write yesterday afternoon and then read Keri's book last night. But I took a break from writing at one stage, thought "I'll just read a few pages" (aka FAMOUS LAST WORDS), picked up the book and then got up from the couch four hours later....

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The muse hardly ever cooperates fully. I'm creeping along onto the end of my three chapters but this book is turning out to be a bit angstier than I was expecting. Which makes me laugh because the last time I tried to sit down and write a more angsty hero it turned...

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Return from the sunshine

Well, I'm back from the Gold Coast. And my house was not flooded in the big storm Melbourne had on Saturday, so that's a plus. The weekend was high on the fun and hard work but low on the swanning around or writing opportunities. But it was great to see all the...

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Hump day

There should be some sort of early warning system for work explosions. You know, some loud siren that sounds when you wake up on Monday morning to let you know that by approximately 9.30am you'll be snowed under, flat out and not doing anything remotely resembling...

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Where did the week go?

First let me say one thing. Dear Writers of Lost. No more gouging of bullets out of shoulders with fingers. It's gross. And let Sawyer wash his hair - you're spoiling my eye candy. Thank you. PS Get on with the story. With that off my chest I can report not much at...

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2 hours later

Well, sometimes the muse does come to the party. Did my chores then sat down in very fuzzy, tired brain state and somehow got 4 pages in half an hour. Think I'm starting to get a feel for this book (the reunion one). I might think said pages are crap in the morning...

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2 steps forwards, 1.99 back

Well, this week has turned out to be not so good for writing. Busy days at work, followed by a family drama thursday morning that wrote off my day off on friday and saturday. Apart from finding some good hand stretches, writing progress, approximately 1 line thought...

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