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Nothing like a Dame

Yo, I’m over at the brilliant Deadline Dames today blogging about Iron Kin and giving a copy away…come visit!

A Fantastic Fable

I’m over at Dark Faerie Tales today, taking part in their cool Fantastic Fables event. If you want to know what happens when Rumpelstiltskin picks on the wrong girl aka Saskia…head on over. Don’t mess with metalmages! There’s a copy of Iron Kin...


I’m over at Coffeetime Romance today as part of the celebration of their cool new steampunk area. Come and talk about steampunk and gaslight fantasy and you could win Shadow Kin or Blood...

ARC winners

The winners in the Iron Kin ARC giveaway are Sarah Hill and Mandy Pickering! Gals, email me mel @ with your addresses and the ARCs will be in the mail.  

It’s hot…let’s give something away!

Summer, which technically ended nine days ago, is hanging on like grim death here in Melbourne.  We’re currently in the middle of what could turn out to be the longest streak of consecutive days above 30 (86) in a row.  I think we’re currently on day five...

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