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And the man needs to meet his match

In this case, Raina Easton, is the perfect gal to shake Mal’s world up in the best way possible. I shall confess, these two were a lot of fun to write! Still time to pre-order Mal and Raina. Links here.
Five days to go

Five days to go

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that Santa brought you some awesome books. But in case you have room left on the bookshelf or eReader…five days until this gal comes along to complicate Lucas’s life in Angel in Armani. Meet Sara Charles. Still time to...

9 days to Fire Kin!

So it’s only nine days now until Fire Kin comes out on May 6! Time to meet our intrepid heroine. Well, you’ve met her already as she’s been in all the books. I’m not sure there’s anyone who really looks like the Bryony sa’Eleniel in...

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