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Writerpalooza, Day 3

One of those days that was productive but there wasn’t much forward motion to show for it. I revised a chapter and a half, including writing a one new scene I hadn’t expected (I’m taking this as a good sign that the girls in the basement are re-engaged and starting another).  I probably wrote around 2000 new words but I probably slashed at least 1000 too.

I’m down to the last 30 odd pages of written bits and, I think I said yesterday, I’m not sure how much of that I’ll be keeping…it will largely depend on what turns the plot takes after this next new scene. I’m hopeful I can use some of it but if I do it will have to be tightened up and trimmed (this last bit was what I was writing when I realised the story wasn’t quite working the first time round).  Whatever happens, the words still seem to be coming easily enough, so if I can make the plot come together, we should be on the homeward stretch!

In other news, Rawhide on the ukulele sounds quite amusing!

Writerpalooza, Day 1

Right, final tally for today is one whole chapter revised and half of two others (to finish this book I need to revise about four chapters worth of stuff and write maybe eighty pages). Probably around 40 pages in all. Not bad given I was out for about 5 hours in the middle of the day then had the post big lunch sleepies!

Tomorrow I backtrack to finish another chapter now that I have a better idea what needs to be in it and hopefully revise another chapter or so…

The return of the dreaded metrics

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. We have reached the point of needing to kick along the word count, keep ourselves honest and expose ourselves to potential internet taunting if we don’t make our goals. Therefore, some writing metrics:

Progress – Fen (aka Half-Light 3)

New pages goal today - Eight
New pages achieved today – Ten (yay for me!)
Intriguing things - Secrets
Annoyances - Low annoyance factor today.
Linear/non-linear – Linear
Music - Adele – Set Fire to the Rain on repeat
Location - At home, at the desk with Write or Die and Think
Taking care of Mel - Er, um, perhaps a fail…bit of a walk at lunch?
Muse food - Glee coming right up.

The wrap up

Firstly, thoughts are with those in Christchurch or with loved ones there.  Terrifying stuff. I’ve only ever been in very minor tremors and those are weird enough. Can’t imagine actually have the world move under your feet, let alone have it come crashing down around you.

Secondly, seriously Mother Natures, I’m sure most people in the world would join me in saying “ENOUGH ALREADY”.  You’ve been throwing some serious tantrums lately and it’s time to give us a break.

Thirdly, on a slightly happier subject (though in some ways still dealing with world changes), Stephanie Laurens has started a blog to discuss changes in the publishing world and get some discussion going about what it all means for traditional publishers and authors and the brave new world ahead.

Sometimes it’s easy to see why “may you live in interesting times” is a curse in Chinese!

Fourthly, we are recommencing the program of writing every day in the vague hope that the backbrain has wrangled the next few bits of the book and is ready to cough up a bit more, so the reporting of metrics shall recommence later tonight.

The simple things

Having Monday away from the day job always feels kind of decadent (even though it’s a regular occurence with my schedule). It’s nice to go to sleep on Sunday night knowing that one doesn’t have to get up early, even if the grey cat apparently begged to differ this morning and demanded breakfast at six am. After which I went back to sleep.

Another lovely sunny not too hot, not too cold day in Melbourne. I have swum, caught up with the VT and eaten of most excellent orange and ricotta hotcakes at her cafe, caught up with other friends, done grocery shopping so that I can eat for the week and made my page count (hopefully after tomorrow I’ll be somewhere in the closing-in-on-ninety pages vicinity, at which point I shall most likely have to stop and think a bit). Not a bad life really, even if the current influx of small boys in my street combined with school holidays means that it rather more punctuated with boy noises (ie strange thumps, yells of triumph during street cricket and the sounds of bike tires whirring around the court) than usual which can prove distracting at times.

Still it’s good to see kids outside playing rather than stuck inside with a video game. I grew up in a street full of boys so have had more than my fair share of strange thump creation, cricket and football matches and hair raising bike chases (our street was bracketed on either end with two quite substantial hills which meant one could get up quite the speed burst…the trick being able to stop afterwards – I have a scar on my right knee to prove this).

And now, the daily report…

Progress – Holly

New pages - 11
Intriguing things - Unexpected plot directions
Annoyances - Not many.
Linear/non-linear – Linear
Music - Soundtrack
Location - Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Swimming! Orange and ricotta hotcakes (hey treats are good too)!
Muse food - Soon to be administered

Not so lazy Sunday

Reporting in (which I forgot to do last night but I was distracted by the interesting vocal talents of the band playing at a neighbours party and Iron Man).

So far we have stuck to the plan, so go me. Exercise wise yesterday I did my last c25k run for the week on the elliptical and today I did Cardio Coach on the elliptical and then in a fit of sunshine inspired craziness, went for a swim too. So go me lol. Am officially starving though and ready for a big dinner which is next on the to-do list. Have met my page goal each day too. I think I deserve pancakes tomorrow so will head on over to the VT’s cafe and try theirs.

Progress – Holly

New pages - 11 today and 13 yesterday
Intriguing things - Reluctant knights
Annoyances - Not many.
Linear/non-linear – Linear
Music - Soundtrack
Location - Write or Die and Think yesterday. Word and Think and Write and Die and Think today.
Taking care of Mel - Swimming! Running. Salad galore.
Muse food - Robert Downey Jr. Though he’s more muse food for the next book…

Five by five

Yay, it is the weekend. And an extra long five day weekend at that. My goal is ten pages a day (with the theory that this will bootstrap me up to something like 80 pages which is almost one hundred pages which is almost a third of a book…oh the strange mind games writers play lol) and to do some exercise every day. Today I went swimming for the first time in forever having had the physio sign off to do a limited amount of backstroke and sculling. Still, was nice to be in the pool on a warm morning. Tomorrow will be Day 3 of Week 2 of the Couch to 5k challenge.

And writing wise, I can give myself a tick as well. So onwards and upwards to Day 2 tomorrow.

Progress – Holly

New pages - Fourteen
Intriguing things - Very very mean fae. Bad fae! Who likes Comfortably Numb (the Scissor Sister’s version…go figure)
Annoyances - No attention span this afternoon but then things flowed nicely after dinner.
Linear/non-linear – Non
Music - Soundtrack, mostly Scissor Sisters
Location - Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Swimming! Quinoa! Lovely blood orange sorbet for treats!
Muse food - Er, I’ll think of something…but bought (after seeing a recommendation on Justine Larbalestier’s blog) Gurrumul by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yurupingu and it is a beautiful CD. Sad and soothing at the same time.

Wednesday, full of lots of stuff (but no woe)

Good enough for a sleepy Wednesday evening after a busy day at work. Need an early night!

Progress – Holly

New pages - Seven
Intriguing things - Very mean fae
Annoyances - Minimal
Linear/non-linear – Non
Music - Soundtrack
Location - Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel - One early night coming up. More enchiladas (yum!)
Muse food - Hopefully can keep eyes open long enough to read a bit.

Onwards and so forth

So the last book is starting it’s journey out into the world today and we’ve had a few weeks of light writing and brainstorming and kicking around of ideas but I have enough now to get stuck in and ideally, I’d like to have a draft of this by the end of March, so time to get back to the routine. I’m at 5k now and the draft should be around 80ish if things run true to form, so need to crank out 310 or so pages in two and a half months. Which is perfectly do-able (knock wood, throw salt etc). For one thing head down and write is a distraction from what’s going on over there with the other book (fingers crossed!) : )

Therefore, herewith, metrics are recommencing.

Progress – Holly

New pages - Seven
Intriguing things - Mean Fae
Annoyances - Minimal
Linear/non-linear – Non
Music - Shakira and Scissor Sisters
Location - Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Physio. Elliptical (week 2 of couch to 5k commences). Chicken enchiladas.
Muse food - A smattering of Grey’s. Soon off to bed with good book.


>Numfar (well, mostly me but Numfar in my mind) is doing the dance of joy. Because we can hereby declare draft zero done! Woot!

Those of you reading along will no that it’s been a long sloggy writing year for me and there were times where I felt like I’d never finish another book. So to anyone feeling like that, I say, hang in there, keep writing, do whatever else you can to feed the muse and the words will turn up one day!

Progress – Lily

New pages - Twelve
Intriguing things - The ending made me cry. In a good way.
Annoyances - Can’t be annoyed because it’s DONE!
Linear/non-linear – Linear
Music - Angels – John Farnham
Location - Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Soon to do exercises.
Muse food - Sewing. About to nap/read. Then dinner with the lovely lulus.

PS Doesn’t that progress meter look nice at 100%? Excuse me while I stare at it awhile. And not as short as the last draft zero though I have a feeling it has a lot of growing to do yet. But that’s a worry for another day : )