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Heading home

Heading home

Some time today I’m jumping back on a plane for the long trip back to Australia. So here’s a song from a movie that’s set in New York (and a good one, so check it out if you haven’t seen it).

Friday and Saturday

A few more pics from New York. On Friday I walked along the High Line and found an art store 😀 (where I was very restrained) and on Saturday, Barbara and I had a lovely trip to Staten Island where we had a great time at Cassandra’s book club (hi everyone!) and...
Heading home

Up up and away

I’m jumping on a plane very early in the morning and heading here: Two weeks of research and (hopefully) art and seeing friends and the RWA conference. Fun! I will be blogging over the next two weeks but the schedule may be not my normal days, so just watch this...

Random thoughts for a Monday

This was meant to be a bit of a big writing weekend but life decided that instead I should be granted a stomach bug on Saturday night. Which sort of knocked out Sunday and left me still feeling pretty lacking in oomph today. So lots of sleeping, a few movies watched...

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