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Playing on!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve sold two more New York Saints books to St. Martins Press. Yay!

At the moment the titles are Playing Hard and Playing Fast and I don’t have publication dates yet so all of that good stuff to come when I know it.

For those who’ve read The Devil in Denim, book 4 will be Oliver Shields’ book and then book 5 features a guy we haven’t quite met yet….so he has to remain a mystery a little longer (don’t worry, I know who he is ;D)!

MS Series logo B-W

Very happy that I get to play in this world a bit longer!



Bad blogger

So, it has been a busy month or two in chez Mel and that has meant a distinct lack of bloggage.

Things are still busy but things I have done recently include seeing Jesus Christ Superstar with these three.


Pretty much made of win. Not that I was biased due to having slight crush on Tim Minchin. No, not at all. *whistles innocently*

And also this, which was brilliant. Seriously. It’s on limited release on Australia, opening July 11. If you like Joss or Shakespeare or good entertaining movies, go see it. Then we’ll keep getting cool limited release films released here. Which makes us happy.

Joss Whedon Much Ado About Nothing

Coming up later this month. Pink. Tigers. And, as always, much writing.
More soon!

Pic of the week #5

Snapped on Tuesday. I was in the car park near work and it was all grey grey grey with just one golden gleam of light….

Summer in Melbourne at its finest : )

In other news, writerpalooza continues. I’m getting close now and finally, FINALLY starting to get that feeling where the book kind of pops up in your head with bits and snippets all the time. After wrestling with the damn thing for MONTHS, it’s a relief. But would love it to be done, so much typing for the next three days.

Writerpalooza, Day 4 (belated)

Sorry, last night I got distracted by yarny things and Downton Abbey (a rewatch of S1).

Anyway yesterday was very hot and I was sleepy due to a hot night. I finished the other new scene and then had to pause to contemplate what comes next.  Still not entirely sure but I guess I’ll find out as I type today.

Last night was hot again and I got up early this morning to do this:

I promise there won’t be bread posts  every week but this is my first loaf using just the sourdough starter (no added yeast) so I’m quite chuffed.  I probably could’ve let it rise in the pan a bit longer (it didn’t rise as much in the oven as some bread does) but it tastes delish! Maybe a tiny bit saltier than I like, so I’ll reduce the salt quantity next time.  I don’t add salt to much food so I notice it when it’s there and it has to be there for bread, really.  Lovely chewy crunchy crust. I largely followed this recipe but only used a kilo of flour, so scaled everything down accordingly. Added bonus, virtually no kneading required.

And now on with the rest of the day.

Writerpalooza, Day 3

One of those days that was productive but there wasn’t much forward motion to show for it. I revised a chapter and a half, including writing a one new scene I hadn’t expected (I’m taking this as a good sign that the girls in the basement are re-engaged and starting another).  I probably wrote around 2000 new words but I probably slashed at least 1000 too.

I’m down to the last 30 odd pages of written bits and, I think I said yesterday, I’m not sure how much of that I’ll be keeping…it will largely depend on what turns the plot takes after this next new scene. I’m hopeful I can use some of it but if I do it will have to be tightened up and trimmed (this last bit was what I was writing when I realised the story wasn’t quite working the first time round).  Whatever happens, the words still seem to be coming easily enough, so if I can make the plot come together, we should be on the homeward stretch!

In other news, Rawhide on the ukulele sounds quite amusing!

Writerpalooza, Day 2

Good day. Scrivener informs me I added 3216 words for the day, I finished the chapter I needed to backtrack to, which accounted for most of those, plus I revised another chapter and a half.

Which leaves me with about 35 pages of stuff I’ve already written, some of which will have to be ditched, I think and then it’s all new stuff until the end.

Current word count is about 92k, so I’ve got somewhere between 10-18k to go to finish the draft.

Tomorrow I’ll poke at the rest of the existing stuff and see what is useable and and start the charge to the end. Word count may go backwards if I have to cut but that’s the joy of writing!

And now I am retiring to the couch to relax with a nice cool cider – my nod to Australia Day (I hate beer except in beer batter, so can’t drink that!) Hope my fellow Aussies have had a beaut day!

Writerpalooza, Day 1

Right, final tally for today is one whole chapter revised and half of two others (to finish this book I need to revise about four chapters worth of stuff and write maybe eighty pages). Probably around 40 pages in all. Not bad given I was out for about 5 hours in the middle of the day then had the post big lunch sleepies!

Tomorrow I backtrack to finish another chapter now that I have a better idea what needs to be in it and hopefully revise another chapter or so…

A plan, egad.

Thanks to the wonders of public holidays and  a little judicious shuffling of my day job days, I have the next five days off.  Therefore, the plan (outside of the two or three things that involve leaving the house that I am committed to) it to make like a

fire up the writerly powers of mass word production—which in my head involves something that looks like this…

(More on this bit of cool gadgetry can be found here)

And see just how close to the end of this darn book I can get.  Now, I think actually finishing may be impossible unless I get a truly stupendous last act of book word frenzy going on but I have caffeine, I have chocolate and I have a Macbook Air and I can certainly get myself a good way towards that goal (touch wood, throw salt, sacrifice chocolate to the flying spaghetti monster etc etc). To keep myself honest I shall report in with the daily stats here on the blog. Wish me luck!

Whose bright idea was that again?

Cleaning up 700 odd blog posts officially takes longer than one might think.

Still, it’s done now and (fingers crossed many many times) I shouldn’t ever have to do it again! Please let me know if you do come across any weird links or missing pics but hopefully I’ve fixed most of it and the feed should be safe to subscribe to and not coughing up random old posts!

All I can say is thank goodness I’m off to the chiro tomorrow.  How I’m going to explain my neck and shoulder being fairly borked is another matter entirely!


Well, I didn’t quite make it to 40k which was my goal for the weekend, thanks mainly to a fit of the tireds yesterday and a fit of the generally uninspireds today. But I did still manage 7 pages today so that’s not a complete write-off. If I do six tomorrow I’ll hit the 40k mark.

The words are still coming but still not entirely sure how this book is going to hang together. There are a few different goals being pursued which are pulling people in completely different directions and I still haven’t had the flash of inspiration as to how it all fits. Hopefully that will still arrive, otherwise there will be much revision whining to be had.

Otherwise the weekend has contained crit meetings and dinners out and wrestling with recalcitrant fridges and recalcitrant phones. I can claim (I think) victory over the fridge but we’re waiting on the repairman to check out the phone line. Luckily whatever is affected the voice calls doesn’t seem to be bothering my ADSL so I still have internet. So as long as Melbourne doesn’t have any more completely crazy weather (which luckily my little house survived unscathed) which makes using a mobile phone ill advised, I’ll just have to rely on the cell for awhile.

This week I have a couple of presentations to do at the day job, including one Friday morning which means my day off will be shortened so all will be busy busy but I’d still like to get another forty or so pages written. At times like this, when you’re not sure what’s going on with the story, being a pantser means just keeping on putting one damn word down after another and trusting that the girls know something you don’t.

I also need to get a bit more focused back on the food and exercise. There have been many celebratory dinners and lunches and I think the indulgence is one reason I’m feeling tired. Plus I didn’t get my last run for the week in yesterday or today so have to make sure that happens tomorrow to try and pep myself up again. And cut off the cravings for cake and chocolate and champagne which are rearing their little heads a bit too much after being allowed out too often! I’ve still been pretty good but pretty good can slide to not so good and then before you know it to really not good if you let it. I feel better when I’m eating healthy most of the time and doing my exercise so it’s back to the routines this week.

And now, I think I’ll go watch Big Bang and get an early night because the first of those presentations is tomorrow!