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So about two years ago I did a week long digital detox. You can read about why here. I did it and it was really good and helped me curb my habits for a bit. But over the last two years, some of those bad habits have crept back and I’ve had other sources of internet distraction added to my life.

I’ve always loved to learn new things (writer magpie brain) and I have the kind of brain that is good at taking in lots of information and learning things and really enjoys the hit that comes from learning. And, really, the internet is a never ending source of new things to learn. Which is good but also bad when you have a brain like mine and you don’t manage it. And I need to finish The Unbound Queen and that needs focus and some time in my head with Sophie and Cameron to see them through this final part of their adventures. I’m not giving up social media forever though I expect I may change how I do some things when I come back, but I want some more headspace. When I did this in 2017, I definitely had more of that. I’ve recently read Cal Newport’s newest book Digital Minimalism and while I don’t agree with everything in there, I agree that we all probably need to challenge our over reliance on our devices and that taking a 30 day break is a good place to start.

This time I’m not doing a total digital detox like last time. I will check email a few times a day, I will use the internet for research and for taking a couple of classes I’m working my way through and I’m happy to watch streaming services and listen to music online as those for me aren’t the things I lose time to. But I will be signing out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (the hardest one as I find Instagram relaxing) and Pinterest for a month. I’ve scheduled a few FB posts as I have a couple of commitments and I guess if something blows up that I have to deal with, I will but otherwise, nothing. I’ll be taking the apps off my phone and logging out on my laptop/desktop and taking the shortcuts off my dock to avoid temptation. I may blog once or twice during the month if there are exciting things to report.

Speaking of exciting things:

Firstly you can currently grab a copy of The Wolf Within for free as part of the Magic After Dark box set. This set will only be available for a limited time, so get your copy while you can.

Secondly I’m signing at the ARRA A Romantic Rendezvous in Melbourne on March 30th so come say hello!

Until then, happy reading!

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