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Another year

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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How did another year go by? Apparently time flies when there is writing, sewing, knitting, alpacas, crazy orange cats, friend’s babies, conferences, day job, silly grey cats, parental units, books to read, friend to hang with, naps, dancing, flowers and many other cool things. Let there be cake!

Over here again

Blogging about part of my recent post conference trip with the 2007 GH girls. So come on over.

Not too far off

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Still buggy. Sadly my cats cannot say “bless you”, so I sneeze in silence (and possibly endanger my soul or whatever it is that saying bless you is meant to protect you from). Normal blogging shall resume when I no longer need shares in Kleenex.

Signs and portents

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is August 1st but it appears to be true…and that means we’re two thirds through Winter and Spring is headed our way.

I have evidence, even.


funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

The unbearable cuteness of alpacas

I’ve been up in Bendigo for two days at the Wool and Sheep show to hang out with my sil and inevitably buy yarn (but will save the yarn talk for the craft blog).

I haven’t been to Bendigo in I do not know how long and it is a very pretty place (though OMG cold at this time of year.) Also, Bendigo…if the Wool and Sheep Show is one of your city’s yearly big touristy events (and it is)…it wouldn’t kill ya to put up some signage directing people to your showgrounds. Just saying. Seriously. I grew up in the country and I have never been to a country town before that was not signed up about a big event/festival/show happening in town. And if the dinky little towns can do it, so can you.

Anyhoo, once I got to the show all was good. I watched the sheepdogs being intent in the way that only a working dog can be and fondled yarn and ate country show food and had a generally fun time. There may have been a little admiring of country boys. My friends and I used to say that we moved to the city to avoid country boys but maybe you can’t take the country entirely out of the girl (or maybe I’ve just watched too much McLeod’s Daughters) because nice moleskines, nice RM’s and a nice shirt is a look that Aussie boys just do well : )

Hugh Jackman Australia

(Okay, so that’s not exactly the cleaned up version but really are you going to argue?)

But the highlight (well, apart from said hanging out with the sil) was the alpacas. I’ve seen alpacas before, but something about seeing them enmasse by the tentful was just too cute. If I ever go crazy and buy a farm, I’m having alpacas. I mean, look.

Cute. And now cuter.

And cute eyelashes.

And cute colors.

For strange mutant camel/ewok/goat creatures they sure are appealing. Plus they smell better than sheep and seem to be a leeeeetle more intelligent (not that it’s hard to be more intelligent than a sheep. I’ve herded sheep. I know). And they make a nicer noise. Hmmm, I wonder if an alpaca can live in a backyard and eat my grass?

In closing, here is my favourite alpaca photo. In fact, it might be one of my all time favourite photos I’ve taken. Something about it just makes me smile. Rasta alpaca attitude (er, technically I think this is a Suri). I love Highland cows too, so the longhaired alpacas are just even more full of win. (Yes, I’ll shut up about alpacas now).

Over here

I’m blogging today (the 15th for my US buds) at Nobody Writes It Better.

Come visit me!

Wednesday’s child is full of,er make that *empty* of brain

Another four pages despite my very borked state of brain fatigue. Any zombies attacking me now would be sorely disappointed in the quality of brains they scored. And would probably starve to death.

Progress – Witch 2

New pages - 4 pages
Intriguing things - Too tired for intriguing. Words on page is enough.
Annoyances - Dire need of world bible from previous book. Much xxx and check this.
Linear/non-linear – non.
Music - Silence.
Location - The desk. Word and think.
Taking care of Mel - Dark chocolate peppermint Haigh’s frogs. Hey, sometimes self care requires chocolate.
Muse food - Soon there will be Sorkin. And then sleep.

Tomorrow is the last day of day job for the week. This = good.


It’s Autumn already. Wow. I guess this is going to be another year of zoom zoom zoom.

And I have to start doing Cardio Coach Volume 4 this month. I’ve done the short version of it without the last challenge a couple of times already but now I have to do the whole thing. Yikes.

Indolence and indulgences

So carrying on the tradition of the last two years, I thought I’d take a look at how I’d gone on my planned indulgences this year and then work out how to pamper myself next year.

So here’s last year’s list:

1. Live music and music generally
Well, I’ve bought a fair bit of music on iTunes this year. I saw Bon Jovi (even if it was a bit of a dud concert due to shocking sound), went to the Rocky Horror picture show, listened to Irish music in a Hobart bar, there was several viewings of Mamma Mia (which counts) and I’m sure there was another musical, plus four ballets, so this is a tick even if I’d like there to be still more. Still I already have Wicked and Pink lined up for next year.

2. Pilates classes.

Hmmm. This is probably a half tick. I’ve managed to go more regularly but still not every week and somewhere along the line the reformer classes that I was really enjoying fell by the wayside. Exercise has been a bug bear this year while we’ve been focusing on sorting things out physically but in the last six weeks it’s been slowly creeping back.

3. Dancing of some sort

Nope apart from boogying in the loungeroom occasionally. Not sure why I’m resisting this one…

4. The girly things…facials and makeup and sparkly nail polish and hanging out with the gals

I’ve had a couple of manicures/pedicures, some makeovers, worn lots of sparkly nail polish, worn make-up most days to work and spent plenty of time with the gals being silly, so this is a pass.

5. Relaxation – meditation, massages and naps and feeding myself stories in various forms

I think the massage count doubled to about four. Mostly at the start of the year then tapered off again (possibly cos I was spending a lot on various naturopathic stuff) but I’ve been good on napping and meditating and there has been plenty of story (though strangely, I get the feeling when I add up my books read count for the year, it’s going to be lower this year…lots of re-reading this year and too much driving to work).

6. Quilting – learn some more, do some more

Well I did some more but haven’t done any more classes. Will keep working on this one.

7. Scents – especially roses

I bought myself Red Roses by Jo Malone and wear it most days. I love the scent of roses. Nice soaps and aromatherapy have happened too, so pass.

8. Learning something for fun

I didn’t do any formal classes but I’ve been trying different cooking things, kind of learned Dvorak (another project to reboot soon), learned how to change kitchen cabinet handles, a bit more html/web design stuff, the teeniest dabble into knowing more about photography and managed to speak a few words in German plus the myriad other magpie bits and pieces that catch the writer brain attention here and there and get investigated. I’ll give me a pass though I’d still like to do something more formal for fun again.

9. Food adventures – both out and at home

Well, there was a fair bit of travel (and some of it not work or writing related) so there’s been a reasonable amount of eating out this year. Home-wise, I’ve been playing with the crockpot and the Kenwood in the last few months so I think I pass this as well.

Now I need to go and eat some dinner (having done half an hour on the ET a little while ago) before I think of what my indulgences for next year might be.