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I forgot to say that I’m very excited because Blood Kin has been nominated for Favourite Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Sci-Fi Romance in the Australian Romance Readers Awards for 2012! So thank you to everyone who nominated me (and my lovely cover for Best Cover)! If you’re an ARRA member, don’t forget to vote though there are so many great books in every category that it’s kind of hard to choose!

I’ll be at the ARRA conference in March, so looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Feel like a walk through the Half-Light City?

Holly is giving a bit of tourist advice for visitors over at Dark Faerie Tales as part of Deadly Destinations….

Hop on over for a chance to win a copy of Blood Kin (US folks only).

Making like a bandit

I’m over at Romance Bandits today, talking about Blood Kin and cats and whatever else comes up!

Come play : ) and score a chance to win Blood Kin or Shadow Kin.

Blood Kin out today!

Pop the champagne as Blood Kin is out today! Available at all the usual places. Another book out in the world. Go forth and read (if such a thing takes your fancy). I’ll be the nervous author in the corner : )

Blood Kin snippet # 5 – Our heroine

My heroine was a little harder to picture.  Again, this particular actress is close but not exactly…for one thing, Holly is definitely curvier than this. But the attitude is right!


Blood Kin snippet # 4 – a soundtrack

I started with quite a long soundtrack but this turned into more a one song on repeat for various sections of the book type soundtrack. So here’s the 14 key songs from the Blood Kin soundtrack. 14 is better than 5. I have one book where the entire revision was to the same five Dixie Chick songs! Strange are the ways of writer brains.

1. Cuz I Can, Pink
2. Holy Grail, Hunters and Collectors
3. Shout, Tears for Fears
4. The Head of Gabriel, Attrition
5. I Want To Break Free, Queen
6. Hallelujah, Bon Jovi
7. Resistance, Muse
8. Comfortably Numb, Scissor Sisters
9. Mama Do, Pixie Lott
10. Run, Leona Lewis
11. Glitter In The Air, Pink
12. If I Were An Angel, Matraca Berg
13. Somebody Told Me, The Killers
14. So Cruel, U2

Blood Kin snippet # 3 And a song for Holly

The heroine, at a certain point in the story…you’ll have to read it to find out when : )


Blood Kin snippet # 2 – Guy’s song

I’ll put up the full soundtrack in another post but today’s snippet is a key Guy song.  An oldie but a goodie.

Blood Kin – snippet # 1 – meet our hero

Ever since Shadow Kin, I had a fairly strong mental image of what Guy looked like.  And there was only one actor in mind for my stand in for my collage in terms of general looks and attitude.

So here’s my mental image (or as close as you’re going to get in the real world) of Guy DuCaine.


It’s a tough life living with this guy in my head!

Weekend blog giveaway winner

The winner of the Blood Kin giveaway from the blog this weekend is Molly Frenzel. Congrats, Molly!

Molly, please email me your snail mail details via my contact form and I’ll get your book off in the mail to you.