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Signs and portents

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is August 1st but it appears to be true…and that means we’re two thirds through Winter and Spring is headed our way. I have evidence, even.


It’s birthday season here in Melbourne. Four out of six lulus have their birthdays in August or September and all four of my best friends have their birthdays in September or October. Leos and Virgos and Librans, oh my. This week it was the birthday of the...

Mess wrangling

I’ve recently finished up a volunteer position. Which should mean a few more spare hours every week for myself. Combine that with spring fever and I have the urge to tidy the few pockets of mess that are bugging me. The desk. The spare room. The book mountain...


> The blossoms on my tree say Spring is coming. My favourite time of year. Everything fresh and new. Anything possible. Maybe I’m all inspired from conference, but my book is just about done after a solid day’s work. One final check tomorrow and it will...

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