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Well very little progress has been made on either goal the last few days. Got hit by a migraine on Monday night which then decided to be joined by some sort of 24 hour bug on Tuesday night. Net result – two days of sleeping and not much else. And a big stack of work piling up at the day job. At least my new pillow is extra comfy.

So tonight I sat down to write a synopsis for one of the wips. Which kind of morphed into an outline. Which pointed out some plot holes but closed up some others. So more pondering required but at least I have a sense of direction for that one now. In a two steps forward, one and a half steps back kind of way. The others are nowhere near the vague synopsis stage anyway.

Oh and yesterday, my friend Keri’s new book came out in beautiful hardcover. It’s called Full Moon Rising and if you like your urban fantasy steamy and intriguing, you should check it out.

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