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Ah spring. Season of warm days, rain and birthdays. You’re almost here. In fact, today in Melbourne, winter decided to give up and give in to Spring early. Which didn’t make it easy to stay inside and work, even if they did bribe us with Krispy Kremes (of which I heroically had only one).

And today, thanks to the magic hands of my chiropractor, was the first day all week I haven’t felt exhausted. Note to self, feeling exhausted means something is wrong. The book is chugging along nicely, about a third done and I know roughly how the next few bits go which is always nice. And I have a villain. Who is creepy. I know he’s meant to be but eeek. Sometimes I wonder about my imagination.

In other news, hmmm. The weekend was much socialising and eating. The coming four weekends promise to be likewise. I’ll be the one in the corner munching salad during the week. Spring means no more huddling in bed pretending it’s too cold to get up and move the butt. Sigh. Apart from that, nothing exciting. Women having car crashes because they let dogs drive the car (not me, someone in china), the new Ikea catalogue apparently features a picture of a dog with an, um, interesting appendage (that will liven up your scandinavian furniture), krispy kreme is opening a city store in September (bad, bad bad but oh so good). I am even organised enough to have bought a Father’s Day gift. More of the cute boys in tights this weekend at the ballet. Yays all round.

So happy spring everyone!

PS Whoever shot those seals at the Prom, there’s a nice toasty pit in hell waiting for you. Ya better believe it.

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