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U2, btw, were fab. Inner groupie happy. Thank you, thank you, ticket providing gods : )

And in other good news, the oldest best friend (oldest in time known that is…like um, 22 freaking years…which I guess makes us officially old) has passed her final exam. She’s the same age as me and has been studying most of that time. Enough to make anyone’s head hurt. So finishing is cause for congratulations. We celebrated her achievement (and my last five day week) with tapas and spanish bubbly on Friday night. Apparently spanish bubbly packs a punch. Or maybe that was the starting drinking it before starting eating.

Apart from that the thing that occupies my mind is that it’s almost December. How did that happen? It hardly feels like any time at all since I decided to try this blog thing for a year in January. December. Eeek. Christmas shopping, friends having babies, me sending stuff to agents.

I’ve been industrious this morning, my bathrooms are clean, my floor is vacuumed, the cats are fed. Just tried to ring my Dad for his birthday but he is out exercising so take two on that a little later. So now today is writing and maybe some RWA stuff this afternoon. And avoiding the lure of Grey’s Anatomy dvds. Because they’re addictive and they keep making me cry. A sign of good writing when they make you cry more second time around.

Anyway, both my entries for the GH are en route or already there. Note to self, next time when you have two potential GH entries, both of which need “just a quick revision”, one of said revisions will rapidly turn into “major rewrite” which will not get finished. Oh well, they got the old version. It’s in the lap of the contest gods now. And now I’m doing the final polish on the Wolf book. The first three chapters, I think, are pretty solid. I’ve tightened up the start (mainly due to a need to change the impression of the tone of the book) and chopped my darlings and lost the redundant stuff. I don’t want to polish the life out it, particularly not with a book that came so fast, so I am drawing a line on putzing around any further after this draft. Which means I have a partial and a synopsis and a query letter….so agent submissions here we come.


Rejections are part of the game, as are submissions, but the more you like the stuff you’re submitting, the harder it can be to hit send or chuck the envelope into the mail. Luckily I have the Lulus to tell me to stop whining and suck it up : ) So I will. And then onto the major rewrite and maybe something new for fun as well to entertain the girls.

Wish me luck!

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