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I had to get up early (well, early for me on a Saturday) to do a chat for the class I’m doing with Barbara Samuel. So I thought I’d be virtuous and chuck some washing on. After all, it’s meant to be 36 today (the weather has not yet cottoned on to the fact it’s autumn here downunder), good sheet and towel drying weather.

Famous last words. The load was just finishing when thunder arrived. Soon after rain joined in the party. Sigh. It’s now sunny again but there are ominous grey clouds lurking just daring me to try hanging anything out. Which means I now have the dryer running. On a 36 degree day. Only in Melbourne.

In other news, I took myself off to see Music and Lyrics yesterday. Hugh Grant in fine form and a very funny movie if you were a teenager in the eighties and into pop music along the lines of Wham et al. Interestingly it’s also about blocked writers, and following your path and what it takes to succeed. I’ll admit to getting quite impatient with Drew’s character’s woe is me line. I almost applauded “Inspiration is for amateurs”. It’s true. It is. Inspiration is wonderful and fabulous and there’s nothing better than writing a book that pours onto the page. But not all books do and sometimes you’ve just gotta sit and grit your teeth and write through the tough patches. Particularly if you want to do this for a living. You’ve gotta get the book done. And honestly, often if you go back and read the stuff from days when it feels like you’re trying to carve the words onto granite with a rubber toothpick, you often can’t tell the difference from the days when you are grinning and telling yourself you are the best writer ever in the history of any universe anywhere. So sit ye down and hands on keyboard. Taking satisfaction in a progress bar is sometimes more helpful than waiting for the muse.

Elsewhere, Kelly Hunter’s second book, Priceless, comes out in Australia this month (or you can go order it now from like I just did). Kelly is a fabulous, fresh, funny writer and a great gal too, so go forth and purchase.

And finally, Wolfy has made the final six of RWAustralia’s Emerald Single Title comp. Which is not the final round but still, chuffedness. I think I can call that a competition hat trick. Let’s hope that editors like it too.

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