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No earth shattering news so far this week. Lulus was fun, the baby got christened accompanied by her two blond sisters looking angelic in white frocks and her also blond big brother looking less pleased at the prospect of three sisters but still pretty cute.

One good thing is that I’ve discovered that power pc memory for macs is now way cheap (I assume due to the release of the new intel based macs) so mac mini is going in for a RAM upgrade Saturday morning. It generally chugs along quite happily but hopefully 1GB will mean the spinning rainbow ball will become a very rare occurrence instead of just a seldom one.

It will also mean I can play even more happily with Curio which is a fabulous brainstorming tool which produces fabulous collages if you’re into that sort of thing for your writing and I’m sure could produce many other fabulous things as well. I discovered Curio via Heidi gushing on the Cherry Forums so if you want to know more about it go here. And Jenny Crusie has had a few posts on Argh Ink as well. Collage heaven. I mean I’ve barely started playing with it and I managed a good brain dump of stuff about Wolf 2 and my revision ideas for the GH short contemporary book both of which have the girls muttering away. I will be digging deeper this weekend between writing and eating chocolate and hot cross buns and visiting the folks. Sadly it’s only for mac users but hey, everyone should be a mac user.

PS For the deformed bunny, I think you might like Curio!

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