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I know, I know, I’ve been a bit awol. That’s because my brain’s been a bit awol with another cold…or maybe it’s the same cold. Whatever it is, I’ve been fighting off fuzz-head all week. I think of things to blog about and then they dissolve in my brain before I can get to the computer.

I’ve been applying vitamins and sleep, hopefully it will all kick in soon.

Tonight I’ve been wrestling with trying to come up with tag lines for my writing. I realised I needed new business cards for the conferences…mainly because I’ve changed my email and my blog isn’t on the old cards either. Then I realised I really needed two cards…one for the paranormal/uf side of things, one for the contemps, because I couldn’t come up with a look that suited both without breaking my already strained brain. I knew what I wanted for the paranormal and I came up with a catchphrase or tagline or whatever you want pretty easily (and even better, when I googled it, no-one has used it that I can see). So yay me. But the contemps are harder….I don’t currently have an idea of the look and feel I’d want for a website if I sold one…other than vague notions of colours…but luckily I found a graphic that works for now. But I still need the tagline. I need something that hints at my voice, something that catchy, something short. I have some ideas but I can’t decide.

I think it might just be easier after a good night’s sleep. Which will also make it one sleep closer to Captain Jack on Sunday (oh joy, oh joy, oh frabjous joy). Pirate movies make me happy. Orlando. Keira. Sword fights. Swashbuckling. And the ever smokin’ hot Johnny. Or as the VT and I have christened him Johnny “tsszzt” (that’s the little sizzle noise in case you were wondering) Depp. What more could you ask for? How about this….

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