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I’m circling a new story. Or the girls are. They’re at that wriggle, giggle, ooh shiny, look over here at this stage where everything floats in the back of your head and feels ready and cool but then they only show you bits at a time.

I’m putting together a collage and a soundtrack (though that is not proving the easiest task) but the sticking point is the heroine’s job. For which there are two possibilities. I need to decide because it will change the first chapter significantly.

Until I work that out I’m thinking about another new story but nothing is forthcoming about either what the hero looks like or the actual conflict, so that one might be a bit further off.

In the meantime, I have itchy fingers. I haven’t written for a few days. So maybe I need to play with one of the more long term wips. Or maybe not. This stage of a book is frustrating. The not quite there stage. Things are simmering away. Which is necessary and is actually writing work but doesn’t get that little progress bar zooming along again. And we virgos like the tangible proof bit.

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