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So I’m starting to pack stuff or at least put stuff in piles to be packed. The most important decision, seeing as I have the GH frock sorted, is what books to take for the plane trip. As I’ve said before, I read fast, so with 19 hours of flying ahead of me (not counting layover times) I need a few books. I’ve taking Stray, which I’ve been saving up but I need some more. I usually take books I’ve read before. Because I’ve found on the long haul flights, that reading is really more of a distraction than anything, so I want books I know I can enjoy and that it won’t matter too much if I’m a little (or a lot) tired and not really able to concentrate 100%. Movies, attempting to sleep and eating plane food can only take up so much time.

The trip back is fine, RWA is apparently the land of free books plus there’s the literacy signing where you can buy books to get them signed, so I’m sure to have some new copies of old faves signed or some new books to try.

So what’s your idea of a good plane book? I’m not running out to buy anything new (see above), so what should I take? Recommendations anyone?

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