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Lunch was cancelled yesterday : ( due to lurgyness of friend : ((. So instead I went to Patchwork on Central and used their design wall to lay out my quilt (with thanks for the advice of the lovely ladies who were sewing there and Lynn). Then I sewed it up, the girls not wanting to do much writing. My brain needs some decompression time from the busy, busy, busy of work lately.

So now we have this:

I’ve also done lots of washing and grocery shopping, off to Sydney for work for three days at the start of the week, so need to be organised.

Melbourne is turning on some glorious weather, so this morning the VT and I went for a spin along one of the bike paths nearish to my house which was fun and pretty and we shall do more of it once our out of shape butts and thighs recover. Still, we managed an hour easily enough. And I’m very happy to report my new bike is much more comfy than the old one, so there’s less soreness than otherwise could be expected.

This afternoon there has been thinking about the revision (which involves muttering to myself and squinting at the manuscript). Hopefully typing will follow.

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