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I’m not sure this list will be greatly different from last year but let’s see….

My list of stuff to indulge in for 2008 to ensure my mood resembles the orange cat in this picture!

1. Live music and music generally
2. Pilates classes (I love them and therefore deserve to indulge even if they’re not the cheapest thing on earth).
3. Dancing of some sort…I keep thinking about it and have two wips with dancers as protags so I need to do some again myself.
4. The girly things…facials and makeup and sparkly nail polish and hanging out with the gals
5. Relaxation – meditation, massages and naps and feeding myself stories in various forms
6. Quilting – learn some more, do some more
7. Scents – especially roses
8. Learning something for fun
9. Food adventures – both out and at home

PS The orange cat insists all you really need is carpet that conveniently forms pillows for you but he’s a cat…I’m trying my list first!

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