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Well something has shaken loose because the girls sent me a phrase this morning that at first made me think “what the heck is a XXXX” but then gave me a way to make a whole plot idea work. Yay. And they seem very squirmy and excited about it. More yay.

So to celebrate I thought it was about time to clean off the old wordmeter for the category that has progressed since I last updated the wordmeter but is not the priority project du jour. Only to find that my darling Zokutou is thumbing its nose at me. I enter the figs, I press go and instead of clever code that gives me my word meter, I get returned to the index page. Wah! Anyone know what’s up with that?

So I’m using the other word meter. Also provided by lovely people but just not as pretty. Still it was heartening to add up all my bits and pieces of this book and realise I had close to 10k already. How much of it will remain given this morning’s developments is anyone’s guess but it feels better than starting with zero, that’s for sure! Even if it does go backwards as I slash and burn my first chapter or so.

PS Dear Australia Post, please cough up my copy of Iron Kissed soon.
PPS Dear libaries and bookshops of Australia, someone should have a copy of the Virtu!

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