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Good things:

* It’s Thursday night (no more day job this week).

* RWA committee meeting this weekend so I get to hang out with some of my out of town writing buds and have general silliness amongst lots of hard work. And possibly alcohol.

* My big fat Nelson Munz of a project is pretty much finished!!! Of course what happens after it’s implemented is anyone’s guess but for now I bask in the glory of completed-ness and no more testing! And declare that I deserve aforementioned alcohol.

* I have worked out one cool thing about my book plot.

Bad things:

* It’s kind of cold and wet. Surely there is a happy medium between freaking hot and pretty much winter that would constitute pleasant summer weather. Oh right, this is Melbourne.

* My hero remains annoyingly slippery and foglike and secretive. And the rest of what constitutes my vague sense of the plot is um, somewhat in need of refining. So much so I’m expecting the VT’s response to my last brain-dump-does-this-make-sense-at-all email to be “hmmm, have you started drinking already?” Sadly, the answer is no.

* In the past few days of wrangling with said elusive hero and gunked up plot, not much progress has been made of the piling up words variety.

Still I guess four good to three bad is workable ratio. Hope everyone else’s scales are tipping in their favour. Blogging shall be scarce until Sunday-ish.

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