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Things have improved a bit. My monitor came back all fixed yesterday (though with no notice from the service people that it was on it’s way and no explanation of what the issue was), so I am happily back in the land of mac with my iTunes and Scrivener and Curio and all mac goodness. Plus nice big screen again. Laptop screens are just too dang small.

I got a reasonable amount of writing down yesterday, still mostly reworking my first chapter. I don’t usually rework this much before moving on but I have changed the concept of the book and need to get the tone and feel of it right before I move on. But yesterday I got to a draft that I felt comfortable giving to some folks for comments and it would seem the world works and one of them helped me out somewhat with the still elusive hero and what the two of them should be butting heads about at this point (which means I’ve just started another rewrite but this will be the last one). So I’m about to proceed to new scenes where things will start moving and hopefully wackiness of a good spooky paranormal kind will ensue. Hopefully the pages will start to progress forwards again. I can feel story piling up in my head which is hard to explain but is usally a Good Sign.

I also found out that Steven Brust, writer of the excellent Taltos novels amongst other things, has written a Firefly novel which you can download for free (squee of frabjous joy) so now I am reading that. Shiny.

My Torchwood dvds also arrived. Mmmm Captain Jack (of the non pirate variety). Though weirdly, the second dvd player in the bedroom has decided it does not like the format. It’s happily played other US and UK dvds so no idea why. Luckily number one dvd likes it just fine.

Tonight I’m off to teppenyaki with the girls. Luckily our restaurant is not one where the chefs feel the need to fling food at the patrons. Given the way the week has been, it would likely mean I’d end up with teriyaki down my cleavage or something : )

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