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I love having dinner with my high school buddies. I love that we’re still friends and that we’re a bunch of happy, clever, strong, successful women. I love that in some ways we haven’t changed much since we met apart from being older and wiser and no longer required to wear hideous green and grey uniforms or abide by eighties fashion rules.

However, two things are unavoidable when you get together with people you’ve known since year seven:

1. Mental arithmetic regarding just how long it’s been since we met as twelve and thirteen year olds (with resultant ‘oh god, we’re old’ and ‘man, we’ve known each other two thirds of our lives).

2. Even further “oh god, we’re soooo old and something is wrong with time” when we realise that the oldest of the offspring produced by the group is now thirteen and in year seven just like we were when we met!!!!

I hope she’s meeting some gals she’ll still be hanging out with many, many years after and who’ll stick by her.

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