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If I can do more three more pages today, I’ll be at 30k. Yay. Not quite as much as I hoped for this week but better nothing given the general tiredness factor.

I’ve been trying to write this book mostly linearly but haven’t quite got the feel of the world right or something. Lot’s of talky-talky and not so much on the cool demons and magic factor. So today I’ve been doing the tried and true ‘just skip ahead and write an interesting bit’. Which has worked. So I’m thinking this might just be a patchwork book.

I’m also thinking I might try keeping some writing metrics here on the blog a la Elizabeth Bear. See if it helps keep me on track at all. And also would be an interesting way to look at my process for the book.

More on that later once I have the final tally for the day. But first a break and some more reading of Carolyn’s wip. Swashbuckling and magic as a change from reluctant demons.

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