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Some progress. Still pondering the ultimate solution but writing in between stuff while that happens. So:

Progress – Witch 1

New pages – Five
Intriguing things – Chinks in denial
Annoyances – Really sure what I thought happened next isn’t quite right and not really sure what does
Music – Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb Headphones
Linear/Non-linear – Linear. Mostly.
Location – At the desk. Scrivener. Full screen.
Taking care of Mel – Meditation. Lemon meringue pie (hey, a gal needs treats). Also, I was good and did not make a huge batch of hot cross buns yesterday. Nor did I eat all the ones I did make.
Muse food – Swan Lake. The Graeme Murphy one which is kind of dark and the girls did likey. Coming up…maybe Gilmore Girls (from one extreme to another, never let it be said my girls aren’t flexible.)

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