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After a couple of big page days, I think today will be a ‘go back and stitch things together’ day. I’m not pushing the pages, I need to do some reading for crits as well but I do want to put in the bits I skipped, smooth out the raggedy edges a little, give the girls time to point me in the right direction for the next bit.

And there are some distinctly raggedy edges. One thing that I’m starting to realise about my first drafts when writing in first person, is that my transitions get clunky.

I have no idea why. I’m fine with transitions in third person but I think in first person I get so entrenched in the protag’s head I have trouble remembering that I can just stop following them around every second and skip ahead to the next bit. So I get cranky with an endless scene that devolves into the boring bits.

And then I *do* remember and go “Oh. Right. Go to the next bit.” and feel this dorky sense of relief. *headdesk*. I wonder how many wips in first I’ll have to write before I don’t forget? Or if I ever will? I’m pretty sure the talking head first draft thing is here to stay, I do that regardless of POV.

Hands up who else has a first draft bug-bear? Go on, we can form a support group.

Now, off to do some stitching. Back later with ze progress report.

PS All fingers crossed for everyone who entered the Golden Heart and the RITA this year. The calls start during our nighttime, so hopefully I can wake up to lots of good news for my friends in the morning!!

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