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Well I can’t entirely blame late night phone calls for my sleepy state. Tossed and turned last night and woke up coughing and spluttering with some sort of cold. Ick.
Just did an experiment with minimising the Scrivener screen and using Think to try and mimic an more alphie experience at the computer (mostly to be able to use the ergonomic keyboard to keep the hands happier). Not quite the same (could only get the screen down to about ten lines rather than four) but it did seem to be a bit faster. One to remember.

Hope no-one got blown away in Melbourne’s wild weather today…next time WA has a hurricane, they can keep the tail to themselves, thanks!

Anyway, the result…

Progress – Witch 1

New pages – Six
Intriguing things – Confessions
Annoyances – Bugs
Music – Mika Happy Ending/Over My Shoulder. No headphones.
Linear/Non-linear – Linear (or rather back to where I was before last night’s leap ahead).
Location – The desk. Scrivener as above
Taking care of Mel – Sleeping.
Muse food – Sneezing? Does sneezing and coughing count? Reading about Morocco. Soon, back to bed.

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