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Monday is usually my writing day off but I think I only have about four or five more scenes to go for this draft (which will make it offically the shortest first draft ever but what the heck at this stage), so I’m just going to keep writing this week and see if I can get it done. Fixing it comes later. For now I just want the story on paper so I can figure out what the girls were getting at when they came up with this darn idea. So I’ll be over here typing if anyone wants me. But not tonight. I’m still detox headachey today and have done about all I can do without risking my brain melting. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be done with the headache thing!

In other news, Melbourne continues its attempts to give us all meterological whiplash. After some cold and frigid winter-is-here-tremble-ye-mortals weather (with added tail end of hurricane gales bonus) all last week, today was warm and sunny. And apparently should get to about 28 by Friday. Just as well I didn’t switch to the winter doona as I’d been planning to do last weekend!

Progress – Witch 1

New pages – Six
Intriguing things – Risk taker
Annoyances – World issues. How to kill a demon
Music – Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb – headphones at the computer
Linear/Non-linear – Linear.
Location – Scrivener at the desk with think and full screen
Taking care of Mel – Evil herbal potions. Still very boring food. Meditation. Pilates
Muse food – Gilmore girls

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