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Woohoo! It may be the shortest first draft ever but it’s now the shortest completed first draft ever and the last bit made me cry so it can’t be all bad. Apparently letting the girls sleep on it last night was a good thing. I’m done, done, done and not going to think about the revisions. It gets to sit and stew while I work on another pass at Wolf 2 and possibly some drafting of Wolf 3 and the other UF idea. Though I’m kind of jonesing for some third person stuff too. Maybe it’s time to try my bad girl contemp again for a bit. After Wolf 2. That must be done.

I’m pretty pleased that it’s come together this fast, shortest or not. At the end of Feb I was at 100 pages and late Jan and half of Feb was spent rewriting the first chapter about six times, so I’ve done 220 plus in five or six weeks which is good solid writing.

So I declare a yay to be in order, and to quote Joss, “Numfar, do the dance of joy” and “Shiny” : )))

And that’s about as celebratory as I can get without chocolate, alcohol or caffeine. Which is just, to quote the VT, wrongtown! Instead, I shall toddle off and buy myself a new iTrip to replace the stolen one tomorrow. I miss my iPod in the car too much!

Anyway, the final progress report for this draft is:

Progress – Witch 1

New pages – Twenty one
Intriguing things – Angst angst angst
Annoyances – Short but oh well.
Music – Killers/Moby/Scissor Sisters
Linear/Non-linear – Linear
Location – Alphie in bed and Scrivener at the desk full screen/think
Taking care of Mel – Evil herbal potions. Naps, Meditation, Chiro. Very very very boring food.
Muse food – Nora and a documentary on heavy metal. You figure that one out.

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